Plastic Wrap- What a wonderful innovation! Everyone knows what it is highly used for, packaging. But have you ever wondered there are loads of other, less-known ways to use such products too?

Being a common household item, plastic wraps can be safely considered as the best innovation till date since bread. Its strength, elasticity and able to fit neatly into or around almost any shape is what makes it truly unique. Despite being hurtful to the environment, it can really save you some huge trouble in a number of situations. Hunter Industrial supplies is a reputable name to consider while looking for best protective packaging supplies in Australia. 

Down below I would like to mention a few brilliant alternative uses of plastic wraps which can make your day to day chores way easier and better.

Plastic Wrap Hacks

  1. Prevent Bottles from Exploding While Traveling
    Changes in air pressure while traveling can expand and contract plastic bottles. In order to prevent unnecessary leaks, simply remove the cap from the bottle and place a plastic wrap over the opening and replace the cap. 

  2. Store your Christmas tree
    Yes! Even Christmas trees can be stored for the long run and that too without making any mess. All you need to do is get a good amount of strong, thick plastic wrap and cover the entire thing tight so that it can be moved safely in the storeroom. Do not remove the plastic till next Christmas.

  3. Make Bananas Ripen More Slowly
    Would like to keep your bananas fresh and green for the long run? Simply wrap some plastic around the stems. As a result, the fruit will ripen more slowly than its usual speed.

    Plastic Wraps Hacks and Tips

  4. Remove Cork Taint from Wine
    Do you know that a good bottle of wine can turn bad; and this is all because of cork taint. Using a little amount of plastic can solve such issues. Take a square foot of plastic and put it in a pitcher, pour the wine over the plastic wrap and swirl it in the pitcher for five or ten minutes. The wrap will absorb unpleasant chemicals making the wine taste better. 

  5. Can create snow in water
    Crumble some amount of plastic extremely tight in a water container and see the magic! It will definitely look like a snow, making a great base for winter decorations.

  6. Get Rid of Blackheads with Plastic Wrap
    This is quite an interesting one! To make the beauty hack successful, all you need to do is rub Vaseline on your nose and place a plastic bandage. A few minutes later, the blackheads are expected to come out too.

    Plastic  Wraps Tips and Tricks

  7. Disposable Plastic Aprons
    In this busy lives, nobody has time to wash aprons every now and then. So all you can do is replace cloth aprons with the plastic ones. And once you are done simply remove it and toss it in the trash.

  8. Keep Drawers and Cabinets Closed While Moving Furniture
    Relocation is not an easy thing to do. With plastic wraps, you simply need to anchor it well before wrapping. You can tie one end around the leg of a dresser and wrap around the entire body until you don’t pass back over the initial spot. By doing this, drawers and cabinets won’t get damaged or cause injury when they swing open during transit.

  9. Protect your iPhone while at the Beach
    Beach and technology can never go hand in hand. Wild water waves, moist air, sand can create scratches and harm your lovely electronics. Wrapping your phone or any other electronic gadget in a thin layer of plastic can work wonders. Don't worry about the touchscreen; it will still work. And your nooks and crannies will surely be protected from filling with sand.

    Plastic Wraps Ideas

  10. Time for some gorgeous looking marble nails
    As soon as you start your first color, apply a coat and allow your nails to dry completely. Now do the same with the second color to each nail but do not forget to blot it with a small piece of crumpled plastic wrap. Repeat the process on each nail, let dry and apply one or two layers of top coat to seal. The plastic wrap simply pulls off some of the second coat of polish; what's left behind will look like a marble design.

  11. Seal Windows for Insulation
    Last but certainly not the least, you can still let a breeze in even when your window is closed. Insulating the house with plastic wraps can work wonders as it retains its warmth at all times. This hack even turns out to be useful when there’s a storm.

That's all for now. Rathar than these, there are lot more plastic hacks which we know and we don't know also. If you guys have more ideas for plastic wraps hacks then kindly contact us to share on our Facebook and Twitter Pages. And keep reading Our Blog to get more ideas regarding plastic packaging, protective packaging and many more.