Place this fire alarm sign near fire bells so workers are able to notify concerned individuals during fire or emergency. It features eye-popping colours for better visibility and is made of high quality materials for long lasting use.

  • Plastic and metal variants available/li>
  • Available sizes: 450x300, 600x450

Availability: In stock

Code Name Pcs/Pack Price/Pc Pack Price Quantity
FS1014530M FA 450X300 METAL -- --
FS1014530P FA 450X300 POLY -- --
FS1016045M FA 600X450 METAL -- --
FS1016045P FA 600X450 POLY -- --


  • 600X450 METAL 6045M
  • 600X450 POLY 6045P
  • 450X300 METAL 4530M
  • 450X300 POLY 4530P

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