These Fire Extinguisher signs should be placed near fire extinguishers and fire blankets to make it easier for workers to see them. The signages are highly visible and available in metal and plastic.

  • Plastic and metal variants available/li>
  • Available sizes: 450x300, 600x450

Availability: In stock

Code Name Pcs/Pack Price/Pc Pack Price Quantity
FS1024530M FE 450X300 METAL -- --
FS1024530P FE 450X300 POLY -- --
FS1026045M FE 600X450 METAL -- --
FS1026045P FE 600X450 POLY -- --


  • 600X450 METAL 6045M
  • 600X450 POLY 6045P
  • 450X300 METAL 4530M
  • 450X300 POLY 4530P

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