10 different uses for heat shrink guns

Most heat shrink guns are advertised as tools for heat shrink wrapping, but did you know that you can use it for a number of other applications? Below are 10 different uses for heat shrink guns.

Shrink Wrapping

Heat shrink guns are used together with shrink film for bundling multiple items and packages together. Because it is made of plastic, shrink wrapping provides excellent protection for items against dust, moisture, abrasion, tampering and dislocation during storage and transit.

Shrink Tubing

Same as shrink wrapping, heat shrink guns are used with shrink tubing to provide protection for wires, such as data cables, electrical wiring and earphone wires. This is also a cheap but effective way of fixing broken, fraying and exposed cables.

Drying paint

Just like how hair blowers are used to dry hair, heat shrink guns can also be used for drying newly applied paint. If done right, this can make waiting time significantly shorter when applying paint on wood or concrete walls.

Removing paint

Heat shrink guns aren’t just useful tools when you’re applying paint. They can also be used for removing old paint on surfaces. This is done by heating up old paint; as soon as it starts cracking and bubbling, you can then remove it using a scraper. When doing this, though, it’s important to make sure that the surface is not exposed too long as it can result in burns and charring.

Soften glues and adhesives

When you need to remove glue or adhesives from a surface, the best way to start is by softening them, and this can be done with a heat shrink gun. You can also use one to loosen the adhesives so you can adjust the bond. Examples for this include removal of wallpapers and sticker labels.

Thawing frozen components

Are frozen pipes or machine components bothering you? You can use heat guns to thaw frozen components quickly.

Joining plastic materials

Heat shrink guns are great if you need to stick two plastic items (such as tarps and poly sheets) together and you don’t have glue. You can do this in two ways: by heating up two parts separately until they’re soft and then holding them together, or by holding the surfaces together and then applying heat.

Bending PVC pipes

Do you need curved pipes but all you have are straight ones? If you have a heat shrink gun, you can use that to bend PVC piping without damaging them. You can do this by filling the pipe with sand (this will prevent pinching), heating the part that you want to bend, and then slowly bending it.


Heat shrink guns also have a number of uses when it comes to handicrafts. In addition to quickly drying paint and glue, you can use one to shape candles or create embossed art, among other possibilities.


Did you know that celebrity chef Alton Brown uses a heat gun for cooking? You can, too! Use it to make sunny side up eggs, cook bacon strips, or make grilled cheese sandwiches.

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