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Packages are sent and received everyday around the world, yet sometimes very little thought is put into how these items are being packaged. Here are some things you should consider when you’re sending a package next time - it’ll make things easier for everyone.


Why Care About The Packaging Material?

We’ve all heard horror stories about packages that were messed up in transit, or ones that broke even before they had a chance to be shipped. Not all packages are the same kind and there’s no such thing as one packaging material that fits all. Especially for large and/or delicate items, special care needs to be paid attention to the packaging material. It’s really more than just the box.


A Few Examples of Product Packaging Materials

Bubblewrap - The most common kind of packaging material that we know of, bubble wrap is essential for packages that can jostle around in a delivery box, or simply for delicate items that need more protection. Easily cut, perforated and slit for most item needs, bubble wrap also comes in antistatic versions for electronics. There are also environmentally-friendly versions that are recyclable packaging materials, and degrade once thrown away.

Moisture Sealants - One thing that packages and delivery services do not have control over is the weather. If you’re transporting something that might be affected by moisture (think of wood, linen, or electronics) it might be a good idea to look into things that are water and moisture-proof when it comes to packaging. Bitumen laminated paper or sisalkraft is heavy-duty wrapping paper that’s excellent against moisture, as well as being ideal for transporting and holding together heavy items.

Space or Void Fillers - Sometimes there’s no avoiding a square peg in a round hole - or a package that doesn’t quite fit the box. That’s where foam chips and wrapping paper come in. Primarily used to fill in the gaps between the item and the box, these are necessary if the item you’re sending can’t be jostled in transit.


Labelling Your Package

Another thing that should be taken care of is how your package is labelled, as labels are the primary information that your delivery service and recipient will be able to see from the box. Since not all packages will be delivered immediately and may even be stored for some period of time, labels must not fade or be affected by the outside conditions of the package.

There are numerous ways to label your packages: from pentel markers to refillable ballmarkers and even cover-over sprays that can allow you to reuse a box you’ve received. Think of the label as a stamp of sorts for your package - if it falls off or gets lost, it won’t go anywhere.

Packaging materials and labels are essential to any item being shipped to anywhere. They help identify, store, and make sure your item gets to your intended recipient fast and hassle-free.

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