office renovation basics

Thinking about do-it-yourself (DIY) renovations for your office to cut costs and save money? If you’ve seen a lot of renovation shows, then you’re probably thinking that it’s going to be easy. But it’s not, especially if you don’t plan ahead.

To help you, we have listed down the basics that you will need for your next DIY renovation project. Here are four of them:

Building tools

If you’re planning to renovate an area in your office by yourself, having all the tools needed for building and reconstruction is absolutely a must. These include basic hand tools such as hammer, cat’s paw, saw (for wood and steel), pliers, measurement implements such as steel tape, ruler and level, and writing tools like pencils and ball markers.

Having these basic building tools on hand is important if you want to do the renovations yourself, as they make the work significantly easier for you while minimising injury and damage to your property.

Protective gear

While doing so allows you to save on costs significantly, office renovations by yourself can be dangerous, especially without protective gear.

This can result to more costs along the line, which you could have avoided. Wearing the proper protective gear allows you to avoid injury and potential health risks, which is why you need to make sure that you are wearing protective gear before you start your reconstruction project.

Before starting on a renovation project, at least have basic protective gear like a hardhat, a pair of safety boots, work gloves (there are different types of work gloves depending on the purpose), and safety glasses to protect your eyes from foreign objects. Hazard signs such as confined space signs are useful for keeping unwanted personnel out of the area.

Building materials

Aside from the basic hand tools, you will also need the necessary building materials for your renovation. This may include cement, flooring and tiles, and sheet material like plywood, chipboard, hardwood, and medium-density fibreboard. You may also need finish such as paint and polish, or covering such as wall paper and steel panels.

To ensure that you buy only what you need, you need to plan ahead before buying. List down the things that you need, including the type and number of items for an easy trip to the hardware store.

Protective film

It’s not just you who needs protection from the possible destruction that DIY renovation entails. You also need protection for objects and areas in your office that can’t be removed while you are renovating your place.

Among the basics is mask and peel, which you can use to cover windows, walls, doors and other surfaces to protect them from cement and paint spills during renovation. Builder’s film provides the same protection for floors, walls and other large surfaces, while a self-adhesive carpet film protects your carpet and is safe and easy to remove. You can also protect items using bubble wrap.

Having all these basics ensures smoother and safer DIY renovation projects for you and prevents unexpected costs later on. When planning for an office renovation, don’t forget these building and construction basics.

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