How To Choose the Right Hand Cleaners

Price is the primary factor that dictates what office or packaging supplies you buy for your place of business. However, when it comes to supplies that involve safety and cleanliness, your budget might need to take a step back as you prioritise other key factors.

For instance, hand cleaners are effective means of ensuring that bacteria won’t spread easily within the walls of your office. Check out these quick tips on choosing hand cleaners.

  1. Check for safety.

Look at the product packaging and label of your hand cleaner. Does it have potentially harmful substances? Is it approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration? Some hand cleaners might be cheap but unfit for industrial use.

  1. Test for effectiveness.

Before buying your supply, try sampling the hand cleaners first. Identify what industry you’re going to use it in and see if it’s effective in keeping hands clean. Keep in mind that some industries might need heavy duty hand cleaners that can scrub out grease, oils, and stains. Choose hand cleaners that suit your industry’s needs.

  1. Choose environmentally-friendly cleaners.

Help protect the planet by choosing environmentally-friendly cleaners. Biodegradable hand cleaners use natural ingredients that don’t contribute to pollution. You’re buying hand cleaners anyway, why not help reduce waste and help preserve the world while you’re at it?

  1. Is it gentle to the skin?

While useful in preventing diarrheal and respiratory illnesses, frequent hand washing leads to the minor inconvenience of skin dryness. Try to look for hand cleaners that have moisturising ingredients that help skin retain its firm, healthy state.

Some may not immediately recognise the deceptively miniscule but ultimately important role it plays, but a good hand cleaner is your first line of defense against unproductive sick leaves and dirty workstations. Choose the right hand cleaners and always remind your employees to use them regularly.


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