plastic bag

Plastic bags are an important packaging component for a wide range of items, from food, toys and clothing to machine parts and electrical gear. They help keep items safe from moisture, dust, dirt, grime, bacteria and other external factors that may affect their physical integrity.


This is why they must be properly sealed during storage and transport.not doing so can lead to damaged items, which can in turn result in irate customers and possible business losses.


There are many items that you can use to effectively seal your plastic bags. Below are a few of these items and what products you can use them for.



Tapes are a very common sealing item for a lot of things, plastic bags being one of them. Tapes are easy to apply, as long as the surface is dry and the adhesive used is compatible with the material of the plastic bag. Use tape for sealing bags unless the contents are wet. If it’s for food, make sure to fold the top of the bag multiple times in a way that air and dust ingress is prevented before taping it.



Stapling your bags is another great way to seal them, as long as the contents are not sensitive to air exposure. Staples made of metal are good for most items except for food and wet goods; if the item inside the bag is wet or moist, use plastic staples instead.


Twist ties

Twist ties are perfect for sealing bags for all types of small items, but they are used most commonly for food items such as bread, pastries and sweets. What makes twist ties popular for food is that they can be used to seal and unseal the bags a number of times. They can even be part of the overall packaging aesthetic.



Lashing is great for sealing bags containing industrial supplies. Using lashing may seem the same as using rope when tying bags, but what makes them different is that they are not vulnerable to loosening. Also, compared to rope, they have a higher resistance to heat, making them less susceptible to melting.


Heat sealers

Unlike other items on this list, however, this is the only one that needs electricity, which means that it can be a bit expensive and that there is a safety risk for those who are using them. In exchange for that, though, impulse heat sealers provide excellent, air-tight sealing for most items, even cold and wet ones. The air-tight sealing prevents ingress of unwanted particles and ensures that your products aren’t tampered with.


These are only a few of the items that you can use for keeping plastic bags in your packaging sealed. Many of these provide sealing without costing a lot of money, making them perfect for mass packaging.


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