Do you think that liquid hand soaps that are highly being used in household and commercial areas are appropriate to clean hands thoroughly at industrial locations for example factories, labs, workshops, and garages? Probably Not! Professionals working at such places require heavy duty hand cleaners that are able to remove sticky substances or grime in a quicky way but without harming the skin. In order to help you identify the best product and its basic type in the market.

What does Industrial Soap Clean?

You will come across a wide range of heavy-duty hand cleaners that are specialized for a particular family of substances. For example, the market offers industrial soap for at least the following:

  • Oil, grease
  • Paint, ink
  • Glues, other adhesives
  • Resins, tar
  • Soil, carbon

The more specific the product is, the more chances there are that it is effective. In general industrial hand, soaps might have more efficacy than liquid soaps but only to certain extent.

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

How does Industrial Soap Clean?

Hand cleaners for mechanics and laborers commonly have the following components:

  • Scrubbing particles- Right from plastic beads to pumice, crushed walnut shells that brush the skin to help to remove the dirt. Note that some scrubbers are not biodegradable or could eventually block the water pipes.
  • A degreaser is something that aids to break down the viscosity. There are times when you may find this element is solvent and abrading, therefore can turn out harsh on the skin. There are also soaps that include solvent-free or non-abrading ingredients like citrus fruits.
  • And since the scrubbing agent and degreaser might eliminate the natural oil of the skin, hand cleaners often contain lotion, conditioner or extracts to sooth and moisturize, such as aloevera or vitamin E.
  • A fragrance is often included for a better aroma

We would recommend you to check the formulas and tips for using the hand cleaners in order to find the least harmful product for both the skin and the environment or get in touch to buy online heavy duty hand cleaner.

How is Industrial Soap Dispensed?

Like other hygienic products, hand cleaners come as a 2 in 1 solution or only as a refill. The first is frequently a bottle of soap that includes a plastic dispensing system and the second is a bottle to place onto a permanent, long-lasting dispenser. An industrial worker requires a couple of shots per day, no matter how slippery or messy it turns out in terms of use.

In case, if you are looking for locations with a lot of daily uses, the ideal one will be a steady high capacity bottle with an integrated spout or a wall mounted dispenser suitable for industrial soap. Such products comprise of a special pump to dispense thicker soaps and with a bigger output than common liquid soap dispensers. Whereas a regular dispenser pours 1ml or less per action, a heavy-duty hand cleaner dispenser serves 3ml of paste styled soap.

It may also be relevant to see how the worker would interact with the dispenser. For example, an elbow or forearm operated dispenser with lever would avoid cross-contamination between colleagues with dirty hands as well as would demand less work of the cleaning staff.

The main question, how to apply?

In order to apply this hand cleaner, different procedures can be followed and it mainly depends on the soap form be it powder, flake, bar or crème styled. In the main, you rub your hands together and rinse with water or wet wipes, especially if there is no tap near. You can also keep an electric hand dryer or a powerless, paper towel to dry the hands. 


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