free food at work

Giving out complimentary food at work might seem like another expense for you to worry about as an employer. But what you don’t know is that doing so can have a number of benefits for your company. Free food at work is a low-cost but highly effective perk that not only makes your employees more happy and satisfied with their employment, it also makes them more productive.

Here are four reasons why you should provide free drinks and snacks at work:

It helps improve employee morale

Providing free food such as biscuits and instant coffee at work makes employees happier and provides more reasons for them to come to work. This is according to a study conducted in 2015 by, one of the largest online retailers in the US. In the study, which involved 1000 respondents represented by workers from different industries, it was found that 66% of workers whose employers provide free food and drinks at work feel very happy with their current job.

A similar survey conducted by online food retailer Eat Club, also in 2015, found that aside from raising the morale of employees, with free food at work, 54% of employees more inclined to stay with the company, while 70% are more likely to recommend that company to others as a great workplace.

It gives the impression that companies value them more

Free food and drinks at work, including long life milk, instant coffee and tea, can make employees feel that they are being given more importance. According to a survey by US and UK-based online delivery and takeout service Seamless, 60% of respondents said that being provided with food around the office can make them feel more valued and appreciated. This in turn can make them more productive and less likely to leave the company out of frustration.

It provides energy boosting effects especially during the afternoon slump

A lot of employees experience what is called the afternoon slump if they don’t have get to snack on something to refill their energy. Afternoon slump, also called midday slump, refers to the sudden decrease in a person’s energy level in the middle of a workday. This slump can be attributed to the natural circadian rhythms of the body; according to the National Sleep Foundation, adults feel a strong urge to sleep between 2 to 4 am and between 1 to 3 pm.

By providing employees with quick access to snacks and drinks like long life milk and unlimited coffee supplies, especially during the hours in the afternoon where energy levels are usually low, you help them stay awake and productive throughout the rest of the workday.

Employers are more likely to nab prospective employees

Providing free food and drinks can raise the image of a company as seen by people outside of it. According to the same study conducted by, 66% of millennials reported that if they were offered a job at another company that provides free snacks and better perks, they would take it. By giving employees access to free snacks and unlimited coffee supplies, not only will they become happier at work, you will also increase your pool of potential employees.

Never run out of pantry supplies

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