Paper Towel Uses in Kitchen

Kitchen has slowly morphed into the epicenter of the home, do you agree? I mean most of the time we tend to congregate there. It evokes such a mysterious magnetic attraction. Gone are the days when kitchens were designed for the purpose of preparing and cooking meals. These days they are considered as the heart of the home. In fact, the place wears many hats at a time- starting from the center of family team huddle to the place for gatherings, entertainment, a children’s art museum and let’s not forget its original purpose—a place to enjoy lip-smacking meals.

And that’s the reason why it is very important to consider hygiene and sanitation for your kitchen area. In addition to all the reasons mentioned above, cleanliness can save you well in terms of money. Using a paper towel for a friendly wipe-down can keep your kitchen tidy on the daily basis. In fact, you will come across a variety of products that can satisfy your cleanliness needs. Starting from basic microfiber cleaning cloths to cotton napkins, Reusable Beeswax Wrap, Unpaper Towels, Pop-up sponges, Chambray napkins, Linen and cotton bowl covers, Huck towels, Linen bread bags, cotton kitchen cloths, sandwich wraps, and above all comes the paper towels.

Being one of the most wondrous inventions, these products allow you to wipe up any kind of stuff without much laundry. Do you think they are limited in terms of use? Probably not! Down below I would like to mention a few paper towel hacks which can be used for your kitchen and beyond.

  1. Prevent Oil Drips
    Do you make use of a lot of cooking oil in your kitchen? If so, then I am sure that it must be really hard to prevent drops of the stuff from rolling down the side. Soon your bottle feels greasy and is hard to hold, or worse, you start seeing oil rings on your counters and cabinet shelves.

    Fret not! Paper towels are to the rescue. Take one and fold it up, wrap it around the bottle with a rubber band to secure it, and you'll prevent those drips for good.

  2. Soften Brown Sugar
    This might turn out as an unusual trick for softening rock-hard brown sugar. Put a piece of bread or you can even choose a slice of apple in with the sugar and let it sit for a day or two in a plastic bag. After a while, you will see that the moisture of both the foods has transferred itself to sugar. Apart from this, a moist paper towel in the brown sugar bag and 20 to 30 seconds in the microwave will soften it right up.

  3. Great Microwave Cooking Hack
    Whether it’s about reheating the leftovers or cooking something like vegetables in the microwave, using a high-end paper towel can make sure that everything comes out perfectly.

    In a general scenario, microwaves tend to heat up food by agitating the water molecules which eventually becomes steam. And if it is released too quickly, chances are there that your veg gets rubbery. So what can be done is, place that paper towel on top of your microwave-safe container or wrap it around your veg.

  4. Wrap Greens in a Dry Towel
    Do you hate opening a bag of salad greens? Seeing that they've gone yellow and wilted—or worse, sludgy and rotted- you have a fair chance to finish them all. With a paper towel, conundrum will be a thing of the past. So what you can do is, simply wrap your greens in a towel and seal the bag, or simply place a layer of dry paper towel in there. Toweling will absorb the excess moisture that causes your greens to rot.

  5. Use a paper towel instead of salad spinner
    A salad spinner is a nice thing to have, but it’s not necessary. Turns out that with a container and a paper towel, you don't need one. Simply line in your container with a layer of paper towels. And wash your greens properly, give them a good shake, and then place them in their little bed to drain and dry. This definitely helps to shake them around or use your hands to rotate them so they can drip-dry evenly. 

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