Packaging Fragile Items

Looking in dismay at those huge piles of household goods and personal items while relocating is pretty common these days. And all you need is a small group of friends and family to get the task done safely and efficiently enough. After all, the more help you enlist, the faster and the more fun your packing endeavor will be.

Now moving to a new space offers plenty of challenges including packing fragile products in such a way that they prevent damage during the move. Well, Thank god we have products like tissue papers, white packing paper, cardboard boxes, Bubble wraps, fragile stamps available in the market that offers the most protection possible. The following post emphasizes on what makes these products so special or why it is used to pack fragile items or how to pack things up in the correct manner, etc.

Why use practical packing materials? For ex- Bubble Wraps   

Being one of the most useful materials available, Bubble wraps provides perfect cushioning, fits any shape/ size and can be easily secured with the help of a packing tape. And it may quite interest you to know that other than protecting delicate items and awkwardly-shaped pieces during shipment, these products are even used for entertainment purposes. Other reasons include:

  • Safety- Created by sealing together two sheets of plastic in such a way that plenty air gets trapped in the middle forming bubbles. The evenly distributed air-filled hemispheres offer excellent protection against shocks and vibrations and can even prevent an item from breaking in case it accidentally falls downs and hits the floor.
  • Convenience- Being very easy to use- it can snugly fit the surface of whatever object is inside, regardless of its shape and size – so, you can wrap anything in the air-filled material, no matter how awkwardly shaped a certain item may be.
  • Financially and environmentally friendly material- Provides perfect cushioning lowering the final cost of your move. Moreover, bubble wrap is lightweight and does not increase the overall weight of your shipment.

How to pack fragile items using a Bubble wrap?

Step 1- Wrap the item in paper

Glass or delicate plates need to be packed in such a way that the chances of damage get reduced while shipment. Right from drinking glasses to pitchers, dishes, stemware, goblets, and vases, everything can be considered in Glasswares. So while preparing for such items make sure you take the first layer of protection carefully, i.e. paper. Never wrap glassware in bubble wrap without paper. Bubble wrap placed in direct contact with glass can leave a permanent impression of the circles. So what can be done is, roll up glassware in tissue paper or newspaper and secure with a piece of masking tape.

Step 2- Wrap glassware in Bubble wrap

Here make sure that you use at least three layers of bubble wrap over the paper and hold together with a tape. Like I said before, the product is made from plastic comprising of air-filled circles creating a protective cushion. To Buy online bubble bags, click here!

Step 3- Prepare to pack everything in the box

Glassware must be packed in strong, unbending boxes that keep your items separate from one another. In case, if you don’t have inserts, make your own using cardboard.  Seal the box with packing tape and label "Fragile" to indicate that special care needs to be taken throughout the shipping process. Lastly, don’t forget to place bubble wrap on the bottom.

Final Thoughts,

Lastly, don't over pack the box; however, make sure there isn't empty space where glasses can shift about. Extra space, if found must be stuffed with rolled up newspaper or bubble-wraps.