Strapping is important in packaging and item bundling, but not all packaging and bundling applications require heavy-duty straps and seals. We listed down five low-cost items that are commonly used in lightweight strapping applications to help you decide which one is best for you.

1. Twist ties

Twist ties are ideal for use in applications that require light strapping. It can be used to fasten bags containing small items such as food, as a fastener to keep wires and cables organised, and for sealing garbage bags. They can also be used for labelling items and for color-coding food. Twist ties don’t cost that much, are made to be used multiple times, and can come in many types, the two most common of them being vinyl and wire twist ties.

2. Baling twine

Unlike twist ties, which are made of metal, baling twine can either be made of strong sisal fibers or polypropylene, which both have high durability, formidable impact absorption, and can be used to tie knots easily. This makes baling twine appropriate for strapping items that are kept outdoors such as fibrous material like hay and straw. Baling twine can be braided if a stronger rope is needed.

3. Polyethylene rope

This type of rope is used for a wide range of packaging applications. It can be used to secure truck loads and tie large items such as lumber and tarpaulin together, among other uses. Because it is made of polyethylene, this rope has high strength and durability, is easy to tie knots with, has excellent abrasion resistance, and has positive buoyancy which allows it to float. It also has a silky surface, which reduces the chances of workers sustaining rope burns and chafing.

4. Polypropylene lashing

Polypropylene lashing is typically thinner than polyethylene rope, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as strong. This type of strapping is similar to polyethylene rope in terms of the applications that it is used in. The only difference is that the latter is used mainly to fasten two things together; unlike polyethylene ropes, polypropylene lashing is smaller making it less slippery, which is important in lashing applications.

5. Polypropylene hand strapping

Polypropylene hand strapping can be used for bundling applications where heavy-duty strapping is not necessary. What makes this type of strapping different from the rest of the items in this list is that it is made flat, which decreases the damage that will result from bundling items tightly. It doesn’t need a strapping tool because it can be manually applied, and its high strength, flexibility and lightweightedness makes it ideal for bundling different types of items.

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