how to manage hazardous chemicals

All organisations that operate in industries involved with handling toxic and hazardous chemicals must employ best practices when it comes to hazardous waste management. Doing so protects the health and safety of workers from the short-term and long-term health effects of chemicals and ensures that the chemicals do not contaminate the worksite and the environment.

Prevention is always better than cure, and for industries involved with hazardous substances, the best way to do this is by making sure that these chemicals are properly stored and handled. The possibility of accidental spills happening is always present, though, and knowing how to contain a hazardous chemical spill is as important as making sure it doesn’t happen.

Follow these six steps in the event of a chemical spill for better hazardous waste management in your worksite:

1.    Alert everyone in the area immediately

Notify everyone in the area of the spill and tell them to keep away from going near the spill site. Warn them about accidentally inhaling vapours, as doing so could very well put their health at risk. If possible, evacuate everyone and allow them to come back only after the chemical waste disposal process has been completely carried out.

2.    Provide first aid as soon as possible

If anyone has made direct contact with the hazardous material in question during the spill, make sure that they are given first aid as soon as possible. Get them to the nearest emergency shower or eye wash station and rinse the affected body area with water. Rinse continuously for at least 30 minutes so that the affected area is completely free of the chemical.

3.    Wear protective gear

Before proceeding to the chemical waste disposal, make sure that those assigned to do it are equipped with the appropriate protective gear such as gloves, protective goggles, shoe covers, a hair net, and an apron. Doing so protects them from contact with the hazardous chemical and helps in containing it during disposal.

4.    Use a spill control kit to contain the chemical

Spill control kits such as MTK compact spill kits, bucket spill kits and tub spill kits are designed primarily for easier containment and disposal of liquid hazardous material.

Use the absorbent boom and lay it around the spill area to contain the chemical. Place the pillows over the spill so it is absorbed. When the spill has been absorbed, place the pillows and the sock into the waste bags. Place the bags as well as the cleaning equipment into the kit. Clean the area with water afterwards.

5.    Dispose the spill and the cleaning items

Label the just-used spill control kit as hazardous and dispose it separately from normal, everyday wastes. Make sure that the kit where the hazardous material is contained is completely sealed so it won’t affect the designated disposal area or the immediate surroundings.

6.    Report the incident

Call the authorities and report that you have successfully conducted the chemical waste disposal for documentation. Take account of all workers who were in the site during the spill and instruct them to get a check-up to make sure that they are safe from the harmful effects of the chemical.

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