There are many factors that contribute to disruptions and slowdowns in warehouse operations, and one of these is the poor use of available space. If you think your warehouse is yet to reach its maximum storage capacity, there are a number of space-saving schemes that you can employ to achieve it. Below are five of them:


  1. Remove items you don’t need

Items that have no use in your warehouse should be removed or stored elsewhere. These include broken shelves and furniture. Doing this frees up space for more important items such as shelves, machinery and item handling tools. Furthermore, it makes organising the items easier, because you know that everything that doesn’t get thrown out will certainly be used in your operations.


  1. Utilise available vertical space

Utilising the vertical space in a warehouse is a great way to maximise its storage capacity. Doing so ensures that all available space in the site is used and also frees up floor areas that can be apportioned for other uses.

There are many ways to maximise a warehouse’s vertical space. One example is by increasing the number shelf layers, although doing this means you will have to use foot stools and forklifts to access items. If the space permits, a multi-level shelving system can also be employed. Multi-level shelving is perfect for storing items that are not palletised.


  1. Make sure that shelf spacing and item size match

Another thing to consider when maximising the available space in a warehouse is the spacing of shelves. You'd be wasting valuable space if the shelves are too large for the items that you intend to store. Try to plan ahead when it comes to the design of each shelf. Tailor the layering to match the size of the items you’re planning to store in your warehouse.


  1. Use containers

Containers can greatly help with the organisation and storage of items. Stock cartons, crates and similar storage tools allow for categorisation and grouping of similar items, and they can also be stacked, which allows more floor space. Don’t just choose any storage item, though. Choose those that are durable and of high quality.


  1. Use inventory management software

With the help of software dedicated for inventory management, organising items and getting to them whenever needed becomes significantly easier. Among the benefits of such software is storage optimisation; items that are used a lot are placed in areas that are easily accessible, while rarely processed items are placed in areas that take a lot more effort to access, such as the higher levels of shelves. An optimised storage system not only maximises warehouse space, it also increases operational efficiency.


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