most common types of double adhesives

Double-sided tapes are viable and economical alternatives to glue. Not only are they easy to apply onto surfaces, they are also safer to use for workers; with double-sided tapes, workers won’t have to worry about skin damage, inhaling chemical fumes, and other hazards associated with the use of glue.

Double-sided tapes come in different shapes, sizes and types, and there can be types that are suited for specific applications. There are those that are appropriate for decorating, some can be used for mounting posters on walls, while there are those that can be used for sticking pieces of wood together, among others.

To help you identify which type is best used for which purpose, we’ve listed down some of the most commonly-used types. Take a look at them below:

Tissue tape

Among the most commonly-used double-sided tapes are those that are coated with tissue paper. Used extensively for a large number of stationery, art, office and general applications, double-sided tissue tapes are convenient to use because they are easy to rip off, and are thin enough that they can adhere to irregular surfaces. They are also affordable, making them viable alternatives to glue for light bonding tasks.

Acrylic tape

Acrylic double-sided tapes have a lot of industrial uses because of a number of characteristics. They adhere to surfaces much better than tissue tape, and they possess excellent weather resistance, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of these, though, they must only be used when permanent bonding is needed.

Polyethylene foam tape

Double-sided polyethylene foam tapes have features separating it from its tissue and acrylic counterparts. Because it is made of polyethylene, it provides thick cushioning, allows absorption of heavy impact, provides insulation, and can dampen sounds caused by surface vibration. Some products are also available in different shapes for convenient use; you can buy them in strips, in pads or in dots.

Plate mounting tape

Plate mounting tapes are used heavily by the printing industry. They are used for securing flexographic print plates on the cylinders or sleeves of mass printing machines. Since the sleeves and cylinders of the machines rotate at very high speeds, it is important for the mounted plates to be able to stay in place during the printing process. Plate mounting tapes are designed specifically to be able to resist this heavy duty usage.

Floor tape

There are also double-sided tape types that are optimised for use on floor surfaces; these tapes typically have outstanding shear resistance so they can keep whatever it is they are applied on in place. One example of this is floor carpet tape, which is used to ensure that carpets stay in place. Floor tape can also be used to secure vinyl sheet flooring.

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