Technology has created a vastly open world of online sales and constant shipping. As such, any SME looking to make bank through online transactions and businesses who often ship their products should be well versed in packaging best practices to make the most out of their packaging and shipping budgets. A crucial part in packaging? Making sure you’re constantly stocked with the right packaging supplies for your business.

Aside from getting big discounts, buying packaging supplies en masse ensures that your business is properly stocked to avoid delays in your production line. While some packaging suppliers here in Australia ensure on-time and immediate delivery (like us!), a proper warehouse management system should have the foresight to important packaging supplies on hand. Here are the common packaging supply must-haves for SMEs.

Poly/Steel Straps

Strapping is essential in securing pallets or fastening packages. Often, choosing between steel or poly strapping depends on your budget, your product’s needs, safety and plenty other factors. To find out how much strapping you need, calculate how much strapping your products/pallets use up per month and give room for a buffer.

Corrugated Cardboard Cartons

Cardboard cartons are used in most shipping and transportation methods for a reason. Aside from providing decent physical protection, cardboard cartons are extremely flexible and customisable to suit your shipping needs. They are often used with void fillers and stacked in pallets for safer, more efficient shipping. Once you know the size and specifications you need for your products, it’s almost impossible to overstock on cartons. Just store them in a cool, dry place.

Bubble wrap

While it’s often used for electronics and other fragile items, you can’t go wrong with having bubble wrap on hand, as it can be used to avoid surface damage, reduce impacts and protect edges. Depending on your industry, choose between antistatic, furniture wrap, kraft-backed bubble wrap and environment friendly variations. SMEs need to have bubble wrap on hand as it shows your customers how much you value your product.

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap provides premium protection from weather and abrasion. Ideal for sealing products, this product packaging helps secure your product from water, dust and scuffs and can help make it tamper-evident. They are fairly sensitive to heat so avoid storing them in warm areas. Maximise their use by measuring and proper application. Order in bulk for great discounts.

Stretch wrap

For businesses that ship plenty of products in the form of pallets, stretch wraps are must-haves. Effective in unitising and securing pallets firmly in place, stretch wraps are puncture resistant. They come in various colours (for easy unit identification), with anti-static and UV-resistant varieties. 

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