Shipping products across the globe have now become a commonplace reality, all thanks to the emergence of the packaging industry. Now whether you are a businessman willing to ship products or an individual sending a gift to a loved one- in both scenarios you would like to make sure that the parcel arrives safe and sound in the hands of the receiver. As a sender, it becomes your core responsibility to complete all the necessary checks before handing over the item to a courier company.

cushioning packing

For those who are new in the packaging industry must be well aware regarding the fact that packages make multiple stops, traveling by land, sky, sea or rail, and being processed in a string of locations can take more damage by turning its sides or upside down. Thus, it becomes very important for you to take certain measures to ensure that the delivery arrives the way you intended in an exact manner.


Make use of strong new double walled boxes that are suitable for the weight and dimensions of the item. Recycled boxes are simply not strong enough so be very careful while choosing one. After all, your box will travel down conveyor belts at speed and perhaps be turned on their sides or upside down. The heavier the content the more there is a chance of damage. So what can be done is make two medium sized boxes than one huge one that is just about impossible to live far less carry.

Filling the void   

Now while you are preparing to pack in a box or envelope, it becomes very important for you to know that it needs space to absorb the rough and tumble of being transported and delivered. Adding some cost-effective fillers between your product can work wonders. Of course, you will come across a wide variety of Protective Packaging Online that can be used to protect the product on its journey through the global shipping maze. Such fillers include:

  • Bubble Wrap- Excellent at absorbing shocks, Bubble wraps offers best internal cushioning. Not being so form-fitting, bubble wraps allows products to move while transportation. However, this can be easily prevented by taping the bubble wrap around the item.
  • Packing chips- Internal cushioning is as important as the outer protection. Light, versatile and provide a great inner cushion. If something is fragile you can wrap it with bubble wrap and pack with packing chips inside the box. While doing so, just make sure that all the sides are still rigid and in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, rips or corner damage and that all the flaps are intact.  
  • Packing paper- This is a neater alternative among all! Packing paper provides ample of padding for lighter items. What can be done is choose a heavyweight paper that won’t compress easily. Pull out a sheet, crumple it and stuff it in. In fact, it has been found that certain companies even ship packages of surveillance gear — like teddy bears with cameras and pens with voice recorders — to customers on a daily basis.

Do not send prohibited items

One of the most important factors in shipping parcels is to make sure that your items can be carried on the service especially when you are sending them overseas. Each and every country across the globe has different rules and regulations about what can and what cannot be imported. Sending items especially the one which is restricted can cause all sorts of problems with your shipment, and may result in packages being refused at the point of collection, returned to the sender, or even destroyed.

Attach labels

Once you have got the item packed up. It’s time to make sure that your shipping labels are securely fastened on to the item. After all, nobody wants to risk these labels coming off, in order to avoid problems during the transit such as severe delay or items being lost. Don’t forget to place a label inside a poly-pocket and secure them with packaging tape.