The moment you pegged the SOLD Sign into the ground, you will realize that this is it! The inevitable day has come where a new home begins to sink in. Now I am pretty sure that a plethora of secondary thoughts must be running through your head but first, you need to take the procedure of packing and moving into account.

Packaging hacks and tips

As anyone who has ever moved house will tell you that relocation is one of the basic yet crucial tasks that require the maximum amount of your time and patience. To help you get started we being a trustworthy online poly foam packaging shop have created a short guide to pack your home in such a way that you don’t feel the procedure daunting at all.

  1. Clear it out!
    Do you think that clear outs are meant for spring? Probably not! Moving out means you need to carry all your necessary belongings and possessions in appropriate boxes and transport. Which also states that it’s time to get rid of all the unused and unnecessary items you no longer need. The best way to tackle this is head on and be ruthless. For example, if you think that you should hold on those jeans that have been too small for 3 years then don’t. Get rid of it!

    On and all, reducing the amount of belongings that you have in such manner will save you countless hours and space later on in the packing and moving process.

  2. Categorize things from the start!
    One of the most tried and proven hacks is to keep things organized as per room- However, this is not the best approach. As things are often packed differently so what can be done is gather things based on their type. I mean instead of cleaning out room by room, start by gathering all of your clothing together, creating piles based on where you gathered them from, e.g. Kids clothes, mums clothes, dads clothes etc.

    Additional tip- Instead of spending all day long cleaning each and every room, simply start by sorting through every article of clothing you own.

  3. Charity begins at home!
    After your mammoth purge in step #1, chances are there that you will have a pile of clothes and other items that are in perfect condition but just not wanted. This is a great opportunity to drop down to the local charity shop with your boxed-up goods.

  4. Packing Supplies You Need
    Buy some quality packing supplies such as small- medium-large boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, Poly Foam-based protective packing, stretch wrap for furniture, etc. In addition to this, don’t forget to label your each & every box with a marker. Write on the sides of the boxes and not on top, as this will make it easier to recognize them if they’re are stacked. It’s also advisable to use a different color for every room.

  5. Get your moving boxes sorted
    Moving and sorting out boxes go hand in hand. And of course, you will require a lot! So what can be done is? Assemble a collection of varied sized boxes by just keeping your eyes open in daily life.

      • Work - Most places of work receive packages on a daily/weekly basis- disused delivery boxes can be a great source of sturdy, small boxes.
      • Electrical stores - You will also come across several electrical stores that allow you to deposit the old cardboard back in the store. All you can think of is simply drop by and see if there are any good boxes ready to be reused?
      • Friends - People are always moving and the chances are you know someone who has just moved. Ask around and you will be surprised.
  6. Protect fragile items
    Transporting fragile items could turn out to be quite scary. But in case if you do things right, chances are that everything will arrive in one piece. During such circumstances, poly foam packing or bubble wrap could be considered as the smartest move. You can use them to pad all your fragile plates, dishes, and decorative items. Stuff it inside glasses, wrap it around bowls, and shove it between your plates and the side of your boxes.

    All you need to do is make sure that everything is thoroughly cushioned and wrap each and every item on the separate basis.

  7. One final sweep 
    It is always advisable to clean your old accommodation before you say your final goodbyes.

And you are done! I hope you find these moving tips useful. Check out our Blog to read more packaging hacks, tips, packaging supplies materials, protective packaging tips and many more. Good luck!