Packaging as a Salesperson

Sales is a tough call, especially when your team is new to the job and still getting their bearings straight. Today you will find many sales reps striving hard to become a sales manager eventually.  However, it isn’t always a completely smooth transition. In fact, it’s a huge accomplishment that features different characteristics, skills, and mindset to become a top sales representative.

Now tell me something do you really think that selling a product effectively entirely depends on your sales team? Well, the best salesperson is the one who can quickly and easily communicate an idea or message that hooks the buyer. Which means there is no need for deceiving or coercing things. Your message does all the psychological work leaving everything else on the buyer. Packaging especially the effective one exactly does the same thing. It communicates so many things at the same time about a product without even uttering a word: .fun, helpful, refined, youthful, irreverent, expensive, affordable, funny, sporty, or anything else.

Let’s Find Out How?

  1. Develop packaging that triggers emotional engagement
    Do you know the fact that consumers act when a brand makes them feel something? What I exactly mean is the package structure, imagery color and fonts work synergistically must appeal to your end consumers. But the question is how to evoke positive emotions, memories and personal context in either conscious or subconscious manner? What needs to be done? First of all, do some research, see what appeals the most to your end consumers of course on an emotional level, and where does that emotion come from? Having a better understanding of such key questions regarding your target audience will help you develop packaging that triggers an emotional response.

  2. Packaging that engages senses
    Developing a package that is visually interesting is not an easy task. It has to be unique and appealing to the touch, or must incorporate fragrances that can help in appealing to the buyers, depending on the product, target customer, and market. This aspect turns out to be very true when designing a packaging for little ones. Children respond to emotional cues way more than adults do. Still, it’s more challenging to reach kids than adults. Of course, the reason is quite simple actually- they are easily distracted by limitless options available around. Engaging their senses and offering tactile sensations is definitely of some worth when packaging at a deeper level.

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  3. Storytelling always works
    Your packaging will be able to sell in more convincing manner if people understand your brand’s story well. Yes, packaging tells a story that can create a significant amount of new interest in a new product, as well as in a venerable brand where there is a desire to increase brand awareness and the size of the company's geographic scope of coverage.

    A new way to package not only teaches current customers something interesting about your brand, but it can also improve the likelihood that new customers will decide to try what you're selling. Humans are often impacted by what they see and storytelling format can definitely build trust and appreciation in your brand and products.

  4. Visuals, visuals & visuals
    Are you well aware regarding the fact that packaging as a marketing tool works best when it is designed around the visual zones within all retail environments? What are visual zones, you may ask? Well, they are defined by proximity to the product:
  • Recognition zone- This zone begins 12 feet away. It’s the initial zone in which in order to gain customers attention, one can make use of bright colors or familiar icons. One can consider this as an initial entrance into a specific aisle or area of the supermarket. The main objective is to get the shopper's attention whether you make use of bright bold colors or visual display.
  • Buy zone- This zone begins around three feet away. Here the customer is getting closer to the product. Package shape and style combined with color and unique graphics now come into play.
  • Curiosity zone- This is just one foot away. Here consumers are drawn to the product and is now holding it in their hands for closer inspection. In fact, this is even considered as the time when consumers are looking for specific information, including ingredient statements or more details regarding the product.

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