Packaging Labels vs Stencil Sprays

Labels serve a variety of purposes - for information transmission, marketing, protection or just convenience. However, each package sent needs one, or it won’t go anywhere. Here’s a quick primer on labelling and some tools you can use to make sure that your package gets to where it needs to go.


Labels 101

A label is any material (linen, textile, wood, paint, metal,  stencil spray, tape or any combination) that’s put on a package, container, or product. It usually contains information, precaution, guidelines or just the origin of the item in question, and is usually affixed or put directly on the package itself.


Labels can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Products: labels must be sturdy enough to stick on the product until it has been installed. They often contain information and guidelines on how to use/install the product, as well as safety precautions.

  • Mail: labels on post often contain the addressee's information, the sender’s details and anything else that can be used by the courier service for speedy delivery and special handling requirements.

  • Packaging: labels on packaging often contain UPS information, barcodes, or usage guidance. Often integral to the item being sent, they can also provide information if tampered with and avoid being pilfered.


Stencil Sprays

While there are different marking tools and adhesives that you can use for labels, one of the best ways to mark packages is using stencil sprays. Quick, easy and reusable (as long as you still have the template) stencil sprays are one of the most convenient and recognisable means of labelling around the world.

This is because stencils have industrial, commercial, and artistic uses, making them easy to both create and recognise. For shipping companies, delivery services and package couriers, stencils are an integral way of identifying an item’s destination, type, handling, and possible hazards/security measures.


How Can You Use Stencil Sprays?

Thanks to their widespread use, stencils are easy to manufacture and distribute. However, for mailing packages (and especially for international deliveries or shipments) it’s essential to use stencil templates that are clear, easily recognisable, and can be reused and cleaned after use.

It’s also important to think of the colour of paint you’ll be using for stencil sprays. Clear and bright stencil spray paints are always a plus, as they come in different colours that can be used depending on the colour of the package. The type of paint matters as well -certain  spray paints go well with timber - while others will bond well with textile or metal.

Stencils and stencil sprays can be used to make sending packages a lot easier, and will make sure that your item is handled with the care and diligence it is due until it comes to your destination.


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