On the subject of product packaging and packaging supplies, we immediately think in terms of protection from external damage. From the harsh weather conditions and poor handling of the items to scuffs and scratches when exposed, external sources of damage are the worst, right?

What people forget is that protection from shifting during transportation and handling is also vital in ensuring the safety of packages and items. Items collapsing under their own weight, trinkets bumping into each other, fragile components that shift and a host of other mishaps and incidents await improperly packaged products.

Luckily, there are products in the market that help warehouse managers and entrepreneurs in securing items during transport. We list down five packaging supplies that help avoid shifting by securing the items within their packaging. Check them out and choose the right packaging supply for the right job.

Packing peanuts/Foam chips

Throughout the years, packing peanuts have developed various names and forms. Whether you choose to call them styrofoam popcorn, foam chips, packing peanuts or packing noodles, these packaging materials comprise the quintessential void fill that secures item and protects them during transport. By filling up spaces around the items, packing peanuts ensure that they don’t shift around during transport and help absorb shock from falls and bumps. Packing peanuts are also ideal for box-in-box packaging for very fragile items. They are typically made from expanded polystyrene or bioplastics/thermoplastic starch for environmentally-safe variants.

All sorts of bubble wraps

We’ve discussed all sorts of bubble wraps in our previous blog post. To use them in securing items, simply wrap them around the product and secure with masking tape for easy removal. Unfortunately, they are not as ideal compared to packing peanuts when packing irregularly-shaped products.

Air Pillows

Air pillows secure items by surrounding them with delicate air pockets that help absorb physical impact. These pillows are packed around the product to remove spaces that make it shift during transport. They are the most economical void fill in the market. If you think ordering pockets of air and getting them shipped to your warehouse seems a little weird, get a plastic air pillow machine instead.

Foam wrapping

Typically, foam wrapping is used for large items to protect them from getting scuffs and scratches. However, when used within corrugated boxes, foam wrapping is very effective in stopping movement and ensuring that surfaces aren’t damaged. The downside? They tend to be a little more expensive compared to other packaging supplies used as void fillers.

Kraft Paper

Cheap but nonetheless effective, kraft paper can be rolled into various shapes and sizes to act as void fill to avoid shifting and movement during transport and storage. They are great when used to wrap and secure glass items and framed photographs/art as they don’t scratch surfaces. Use kraft paper with other void fills to make up for its low shock/impact protection.


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