package labelling

Using appropriate labelling such as printed tapes and label tapes for your items is as critical as providing protective packaging when it comes to shipping packages. Not only will it help shipping workers know how to handle your packages, it will also prevent or minimise the chances of item loss.

Labelling your items is important for a lot of reasons:

It helps handlers identify the item

Every day, different types of items are packaged and sent through shipping. With so many possible items, it’s not easy for shipping workers to know how they will handle each package. This is why labelling your packages is a must when shipping them. Place appropriate labels like “fragile” and “top load only” so they will know how to handle and where to place the package.

It ensures that items stay on course

Some packages go through more than one shipping route throughout its journey, which can be problematic because of the possibility of them going out of route. Proper labelling will help shipping workers keep it in its intended route, preventing your package from being sent to the wrong address.

It allows easier identification if misplaced

Even with shipping companies employing various precautions to prevent misplacements from happening, cases of packages being lost continue to occur. Labelling a package properly increases its chances of being returned to you or the shipping company that handled it.

Some tips for effective labelling

  1. Make sure it’s highly visible
    A label will not be as useful if shipping handlers are not able to see it. When labelling your packages, make sure that the label is highly visible and the letters can be read easily. This won’t cost you much; even a simple fluoro label and a marker pen will do, although there are also label tapes that provide high visibility and readability.

  2. Include all the necessary details
    Make sure that all important information are included in the labels that you place on your packages. Aside from using labels like “fragile”, “this side up”, “dangerous substance” and the like, you can also include notes as to what particular item is inside the package. China and wine are both classified as fragile, but wine would need more care because they are susceptible to temperature changes.

  3. Make sure that the label stays in place
    When labelling your packages, make sure that the labels remain in place throughout the whole shipping journey. Don’t settle for general purpose glue or clear tape when placing labels on your packages. Instead, use high quality printed label tapes. Many of these tapes provide a longer lasting hold because of the strong adhesive that they employ, and some are even waterproof.

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