prevent metal corrosion

Corrosion is a major concern when it comes to the storage of metal. Not only can it cause the usability of metal tools and components to diminish (thus resulting in unexpected costs), they also pose as health hazards for humans, exposing individuals to tetanus and rust contamination, among others. This is why it’s important to protect metals from corrosion during storage.


Simple ways to protect your items


Below are simple and economical tips to consider to keep your metal items free from corrosion during storage.


Tip 1: Store them a few inches above the floor

Moisture can accumulate on the ground, so it's important to store your items at least 150mm above the ground. The same applies indoors, especially if the floor is made of concrete. Crawlspaces accommodate a lot of moisture coming from the ground, which in turn makes the floor above them moist.


Tip 2: Use coatings

Applying coatings over metal can help prevent or inhibit their degradation, especially in corrosive environments. There are a lot of anti-corrosion coating products available today, and they can be classified under three common types: barrier coatings, sacrificial coatings and fluoropolymer coatings.

  • Barrier coatings provide a protective layer over metal a surface, securing it from oxidation, moisture and corrosive substances.

  • Sacrificial coatings provide the same protection that barrier coatings do. The only difference is that sacrificial coatings take the hit for the surfaces they are protecting; they are susceptible to corrosion, but they are still able to protect metal surfaces underneath.

  • Fluoropolymer provides the same benefits as barrier coatings. In addition to this, though, they also provide additional protection against heat and other conditions.


Tip 3: Use protective sheets

Coatings are for protecting metals permanently, which means they’re not for everyone. For those looking for temporary corrosion protection, they can opt for protective sheets. There are products designed specifically for protecting metal sheets, while others are not (but can still do the job just as well).

One example is Sisalkraft paper, a type of paper that is impermeable to moisture and vapours. Builder’s film is another option, which can also protect items from moisture. These two items provide excellent weathering protection without costing you a lot.


Tip 4: Use desiccants

You know those little bags of beads that come with your shoes inside their boxes? You can also use those to protect your metals from rust. They won’t work that well if used with metal reinforcements and beams, but for small components like nails, bolts, screws and nuts, they can provide excellent corrosion protection. If you think they are not absorbing moisture as effectively as before, you can “recharge” them by heating them in the microwave and they’ll be good as new.

Protecting metals from corrosion helps preserve their quality. It also protects individualsfrom health hazards associated with rust, keeping them safe and healthy. If you’re in need of corrosion and weathering protection for your items such as desiccants, builder’s film and Sisalkraft paper, Hunter Industrial Supplies has you covered. You can check out our catalogue by visiting our website.

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