tips on how to reduce product packaging costs

Product packaging are important in protecting your products. However, when streamlining production costs, some businesses think that cutting corners in product packaging and packaging supplies can help them save money.

Little do they know, product replacements and returns because of reduced product packaging quality can add up. Additionally, cutting corners on the physical appearance and branding of your product is a bad idea since it can affect public perception.

Don’t cut corners when packaging your products. Cut costs by following these tips on using your product packaging budget more efficiently.

Label the right way.

Did you know that, depending on your product, using separate printed films can be more expensive than printing right on your packaging supplies/materials? Work with your packaging supplier and provider in coming up with more efficient ways to label your products. Look for labels that have great print quality at just the right cost.

Use the right packaging supplies.

Packaging supplies sometimes scale with the value of the product they are used in. For example, some products might require furniture felts or polyfoam while others are fine with plain old bubblewrap.

If you think you’re overspending on your supplies, maybe it’s time for you to look at other packaging supplies that are also suitable for your product. However, don’t just think in terms of price tag and put protection and quality top of mind when choosing packaging supplies.

Buy the right specification.

Get the exact specification that works for your product. Find the right lengths, thickness, grammage and size that suits your product’s needs to avoid overspending, overruns and excess packaging supplies.

Find the right packaging machine for your product.

Sometimes, it’s more efficient for your company to own the right packaging machines and apparatuses instead of leasing from another company. With proper use and maintenance, your business might be better off in the long run with carton-sealing, shrink film, strapping and stretch-wrapping machines rather than manually packaging your products.

Aside from faster, more accurate packaging, machines can reduce the manpower and standardise resources needed to accomplish tasks.

Schedule your packaging operations.

Remove downtimes in your operations. By setting specific packaging days (or hours), you can reduce your energy, manpower and operations costs.

Buy in bulk.

Australian packaging suppliers give big discounts for buying in bulk. Aside from that, frequent customers and site members are also eligible for special promos.

Remember that your packaging protects your products during storage and transport. Use existing technologies and minimise waste due to excess packaging materials instead of cutting corners on quality and packaging supplies.

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