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Machines are investments - and as any business owner knows, an investment should be sustained so that its returns are maximised. Maintenance is the key to long lifespans for machines because not only does it ensure that they work efficiently, it also preserves their value. To help you, here are four simple tips to prolong the life of your machines.


Lubricate the machines regularly

When two machine components interact with each other, both of them are subjected to friction, which causes them to deteriorate slowly over time. Lubrication helps prolong the life of your machinery by coating their components with agents that minimise friction, reducing the effects of rubbing, inhibiting corrosion and slowing down heat buildup.

A note when using lubricants: be sure to use chemicals that are appropriate for the machine. There are many types of lubricants (the most common of which are water, oil and silicone-based), and using the right type produces the best results.


Avoid prolonged use

Most machines, especially large ones and those designed for industrial use, are made so that they are able to withstand heavy-duty use. However, they also have their limits. After a certain period, parts will start deteriorating and the machine won’t work as efficiently as the first time. One way to ensure that the investment on the machine is maximised is to avoid prolonged use unless needed. Prolonged use can be avoided by scheduling breaks for machines, e.g. a system shutdown during worker breaks.


Do routine checks

Checking to see if components are aligned and there are no exposed wires from time to time is another effective way to increase the lifespan of machines. Regular checks can prolong the life of machines by allowing owners to address potential problems before they affect the machines.


Make sure they are always clean

Aside from lubrication, it’s also important to ensure that machinery and their components are as clean as possible. During operations and downtime, dust, dirt, debris and other foreign particles can accumulate on surfaces. Even lubricants leave residue, which over time can inhibit proper movement for components. These foreign particles can result in inefficiency and shorter lifespans for machines. This is why keeping them clean is a must. Covering them during downtime also helps.

When cleaning machines, it’s important use the right type of fabric and cleaning agent. Cotton rags work best for most machines, while denim should be avoided. For the right cleaning agent, each machine has different cleaning needs,so it's best to seek advice from the manufacturer.


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