Stretch wrap or stretch film is an important tool in packaging. Here are the different kinds and different uses of stretch film.


Stretch film or stretch wrap is a highly stretchable film composed of linear low-density polyethylene. It’s used by the packaging and logistics industry, as well as other industries for numerous applications.


The Types of Stretch Film

There are various kinds of the stretch film available, and each one has a unique purpose, quality, and manufacturing process. The different types of stretch film are:


1. Hand stretch film

As its name implies, hand stretch film (or hand stretch wrap) is specifically designed so that it can be applied by hand without the use of any machinery. It is mostly used to pack smaller and lower-quantity items. 


2. Cast stretch film

This kind of film is manufactured using a special process called cast extrusion which involves running molten polymers through a flat die system to achieve the final film product. This gives the film superior transparency, allowing items to be seen through the plastic. 


3. Machine stretch film

A piece of equipment called a stretch wrap machine is required for this kind of film. The benefits of using it include faster and more efficient packing and minimal human packing errors. 


4. Blown stretch film

Due to a rigorous manufacturing process called blown extrusion, blown stretch film is more durable than other film types and extremely resilient and resistant to tears and punctures. This makes it ideal for securing heavy or high-volume loads as well as sharp items that could puncture containers.


5. Pre-stretched film

This is a kind of film that has already been stretched several times and wound into individual cores prior to being sold. The pre-stretched film helps in reducing costs because you don’t need to use a lot of it when wrapping or packing items.


6. Specialty films

These are films made to address specific packaging requirements. Some examples include:

  • Ultra Violet stretch film
  • Colour stretch film
  • Vented pallet wrap
  • Opaque black stretch wrap

Industries use these films when the standard kinds of a film just won’t do.


The uses of stretch film

Stretch film is used by an array of industries to pack items of different sizes, weights, and dimensions. click-to-tweet Here’s a look at those industries and what items they use stretch film for.


Packaging and logistics

Shipping, freight, and logistics involve packing large quantities of items on a daily basis, so these industries use stretch film to unitilse loads, bundle items together and wrap palletised boxes. It makes for easier and more efficient handling and transport.


Food and beverage

The food and beverage industry wraps canned goods such as beer using machine stretch film to speed up the process. This also allows the items to be stacked on top of one another and easily stored in trucks.


Flooring installation and distribution

In order to protect their items, entrepreneurs from the flooring industry wrap materials such as tiles, ceramic concrete, marble, granite and porcelain in plastic wrap. To prevent these materials from breaking or cracking, they use high-quality cast stretch film or blown stretch film.



Electronic appliances and components are fragile and sensitive to static and dust, so the tech industry uses a special anti-static film to repel static, dirt, dust and other foreign particles that could damage the goods.



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