the right tensioner

Strapping is an effective way of securing packages, and the key to this is a good strapping tensioner tool and some high-quality straps and seals. When the right amount of tension is applied, strapping can provide added protection for your packages against impact and mishandling during transport. This will also prevent bundled items from moving a lot or being dislocated, which are common occurrences during the delivery process.

All these can be achieved with the right strapping tensioning tool. But with many types of tensioners available these days, it can be really difficult to find the right tensioner for your needs. To help you decide which type is the ideal for the job, below are some of the most commonly used tensioners, as well as the best applications for each type.

  • Poly strapping tensioner – This type of tensioner is used with polyester straps to provide tighter strapping for packages. One major characteristic that plastic straps have over their steel counterparts is their high elongation, which allows them to stretch tighter when needed. If the job calls for plastic straps, a poly strap tensioner is the way to go.

  • Poly woven strapping tensioner – This type of strapping uses poly woven straps. Poly woven straps provide tight strapping for soft and light loads such as cloth and low-density polyethylene, and is also safer to handle unlike steel and plastic straps. Use a poly woven strap tensioner when using poly woven straps.

  • Steel strapping tensioner – This type of tensioner is designed to handle steel straps. Steel straps are less prone to breakage than plastic straps and they also don’t elongate, making them ideal for use in non-compressible packages such as metal. If you need to strap packages using steel straps, you will get more out of steel strapping tensioners than with any other tensioner types.

  • Windlass tensioner – Windlass tensioners provide higher amounts of tension than most tensioners. However, this means that it can only be used with ultra-tensile strapping, which are designed to match the tighter strapping that this type of tensioner provides. Many windlass tensioners can be used with either steel or poly strapping, so you don’t need to worry about which is compatible for use. Choose windlass tensioners for more formidable strapping for your packages.

  • Round pack tensioner – Unlike packages with flat surfaces, irregularly shaped packages are hard to strap up. Round pack tensioners are designed to be used with packages with round or irregular shapes, and many of them can also be used with either steel or plastic strapping. Use this if you frequently handle oddly shaped packages.

Do note that when using different types of straps, you need to use the appropriate seals. Seals come in different material types such as steel and plastic, and are best applied using sealers.

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