Tips for SMEs Participating in Holiday Fairs and Weekend Markets_Hunter Industrial Supplies

For SMEs looking to launch their products or gain traction over this holiday season, there are plenty of weekend and holiday fairs your business can participate in this December. As weekend markets thrive all over the Hunter region, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, and other locations in NSW, the opportunity to get noticed and engage new customers can benefit your business.

In preparation for events such as weekend markets, your business should be fully stocked, properly coordinated and well-informed about what you’ll need and how you’ll provide the products/services to the consumers. To help you get started, we prepared a checklist and some tips on participating in these types of fairs.

Get the necessary permits.

Most (if not all) weekend markets and holiday fairs ask for rental fees, maintenance fees, etc. during the event. After scheduling your stint, paperwork and permits on compliance, safety and other requirements should be on-site and secure during the market day itself.

Tip: Make copies and bring folders to have back-up paperwork during the event.

Location, location, location.

As with any business, location is crucial in getting foot traffic, publicity and potential customers for your product/service. Register early and map out the area to figure out how to make the most out of your fair experience.

Tip: Consider placing your business near complementary products/services that don’t compete with your market. It can mutually boost sales for your business as consumers are more willing to spend money when their needs and wants are contextualised. For example, sell cheese near wine stands or offer handmade vases near fresh flowers.

Bonus tip: Be creative with your booth! Use eye-catching layout and design elements to grab the attention of customers.

A few words on your products.

Make sure that your products are market-ready as you join in on a weekend market/holiday fair. Aside from having unique, high-quality, novel, fresh or competitively priced products/services, your offer should suit the occasion and draw plenty of attention. Carefully prepare your products and store them in the right cartons, bags, crates, coolers and other containers.

Tip: When it comes to ensuring that you’re appropriately stocked for the market, talk with the organiser and ask them how much foot traffic they are expecting.

Pro tip: Congeniality and engaging potential customers is key. Be approachable without being suffocatingly pesky. Gently guide them and assist them when they show interest.

Stock up on supplies.

Aside from your products and receipts, you should be properly stocked when it comes to packaging and handling supplies and tools. Here’s a nifty checklist for market must-haves.

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes are flexible supplies which could be custom-sized and used in storage, organisation and packaging.

  • From securing booth designs to organising wires and closing packaging, packaging tapes should be present in every booth.

  • For SMEs that plan to sell food and drinks, utensils, cups and paper towels are non-negotiable. Stock up on these from a packaging supplier to avoid hiccups in your operations.

  • First Aid Kits are essential no matter where your business is. 

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