tips to keep workers dry during the rains

Being exposed to the rains can result in workers getting sick and becoming more prone to accidents. Not only does this put their health and safety at risk, it also affects the operational efficiency of your business. Rain safety is as important as sun safety, so you must do what you can to keep your workers dry during the rains while they are working.

Sickness and injury

Contrary to popular belief, getting caught in the rain does not directly cause colds or flu. But being drenched in rainwater can cause temperature-induced changes in the immune system, weakening it and leaving it vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Most people are already carrying the virus in their noses, so a weaker immune system provides an opportunity for symptoms of flu and colds to develop.

The symptoms can range from coughing, sneezing and runny nose to fever and headaches, so exposing your workers to the rains for long periods of time is not a good idea.

Aside from colds and flu, being drenched in rainwater can also expose a worker to a number of hazards that may lead to injury such as slips and falls. While these may result in minor injury such as bruises in most cases, the possibility of major injuries are still present; workers may break their bones, rendering them unable to work. The accident may even be fatal, leading to loss of life.

This is why keeping workers dry during the rainy season is very important, especially for those who work outdoors such as construction workers, cleaners and rescue workers. Keeping them free from weather-induced wetness and moisture ensures that they remain operational during work hours and that their health and safety are not compromised.

Tips to keep workers dry during the rainy season

  1. Provide rain protection
    The best way to keep your workers dry when working outdoors in the rain is by providing them with the appropriate rain protection gear such as rain coats and suits. A PVC rain coat and rain boots can keep a worker mostly dry underneath, significantly minimising the chances of getting sick. High visibility PVC rain jackets and pants also work as they provide rain protection for the whole body while improving visibility.

  2. Set up towel stations
    Another way to keep workers dry, aside from providing them with PVC rain coats and rain jackets, is by setting up towel stations near the worksites. The towels don’t have to be bath towels; hand towels and face cloths will do just fine. Workers can visit these towel stations every now and then to pat themselves dry, especially for body parts that are not protected by rain gear such as the face and hands.

  3. Install temporary shelter
    In most cases, the rain will not be bad enough so as to hinder outdoor workers from being able to do their tasks. Sometimes however, the downpour can be so strong that working becomes impossible. Setting up temporary shelters for workers can keep them from being drenched during these situations. They can use these shelters as waiting areas until the downpour weakens or subsides. 

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