safe handling of loads and cargo

Hand trucks and flatbed platform trolleys can make life significantly easier for your workers. If you’re running a warehousing, storage, delivery or similar business and you still don’t have these essentials yet, then now is the time to invest! Here are five reasons to get hand trucks and platform trolleys for the item-handling tasks of your business:

  1. They make the transfer of items more efficient
    Transferring loads from one point to another is not easy, especially if it involves multiple heavy items. Also, the longer the distance from point A to B is, the more taxing the task will be for the workers. Using flatbed platform trolleys, for example, makes transferring items easier because it minimises the effort that they need to exert while speeding up the time it would take to complete the task.

  2. They reduce hazards and chances of injury for workers
    Hand-carrying loads, especially those that are large or heavy, presents a lot of hazards for workers. When lifting an item for example, a worker might break his back or injure his joints. Transporting an item can also result in slipping and tripping, which can in turn lead to injury. All of these can be minimised if not avoided when transporting items using hand trucks or platform trolleys.

  3. They provide better protection for items during transit
    Workers aren’t the only ones that are at risk when moving items without using the right tools. Doing so also makes items susceptible to damage and wear which, together with the higher risk of injury for workers, is bad for business. Using hand trucks and platform trolleys reduces the chances of items being damaged due to drops and slips.

  4. They ensure that the flooring remains in good condition
    Items dropping and loads being pushed across your floor can result in damaged flooring. Platform trolleys and hand trucks can reduce the risk of items being dropped, which also protects the integrity of the floor in your site. Also, because these tools are wheeled, pushing loads across the floor is also not needed.

  5. They are a great investment for your business
    Flatbed platform trolleys and hand trucks are built to last. They can accommodate reasonable amounts of weight and are designed to withstand heavy impact. If maintained properly, they can also go on for years without rusting. Hand trucks and trolleys are great investments, especially for businesses that require manually moving items such as warehouses. This is not only because they help protect your items and facilities, but also because they make the jobs of workers easier and safer for them. 

Hunter Industrial Supplies has everything necessary to make operations in warehouses and other industrial sites easier for owners and workers. We offer material-handling essentials such as hand trucks and flatbed platform trolleys to help you minimise hazards and injuries for workers while protecting your items and facilities at the same time.

Visit the Hunter Industrial Supplies website to view our full catalogue of products, and read our other blog posts for more tips on worker and item safety as well as packaging and items handling.