types of cleaning liquid for site

Cleanliness will increase your operational productivity, in more ways than one. It keeps your tools and machinery at maximum efficiency, safeguards your workers from disease and infections, creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone involved, and so much more.

Without an active effort to maintain the cleanliness of your workplace, the daily use of your facilities will inevitably make your working environment unsanitary. Avoid grime and odour by having cleaning liquids at your site, ready to be used at any time.

However, the question is: What types of cleaning agents should you use in your workplace? Since there are so many kinds, you might think it would be difficult to choose. In order to help you decide, check out our handy guide below. 

  1. Degreasers
    Grease results from the accumulation of animal fat or oily substances that stick to objects that come into contact with them. Because of its origin, this can be usually found in pots and pans that are used to cook fatty meats. Not only will this be a health hazard to everyone involved, it could also lead to physical blockages and obstructions which can slow down your work operations.

    This is perhaps most evident in restaurants and other businesses in the food service industry. In reality, however, any form of manufacturing that requires animal fat or oils to operate will inevitably have to deal with the issue of grease. To quickly remove grease from your equipment, you should look into using degreasers

  1. Floor cleaners
    Unless you can somehow manage to work without touching the floor, it is the most used surface in your industry. For the same reason, it’s also likely to be the dirtiest. A dirty floor can quickly become a health hazard for your workers and even slow down foot traffic, especially if they need to push heavy weights across it all the time.

    However, it’s not enough to just clean the surface of your floor. You should also treat it to be more resistant to the constant, daily friction it has to endure, from people walking on it to heavy appliances such as machinery and file cabinets being pushed around. Scratches can leave the floor permanently defaced and cause your floor to be uneven, which can lead to accidents. This is why having floor cleaners is a must for practically any business. 

  1. Glass cleaners
    Windows, mirrors, whiteboards, and other such surfaces tend to get smudged and blurred due to regular use. It’s no surprise, then, that your operations will greatly benefit from having glass cleaners to keep your glass surfaces well-maintained. For example, if someone mistakenly used permanent marker on your whiteboard (making it unusable in its current state), you can use a cleaning solution to remove all the permanent marker ink without damaging the surface

  1. Toilet cleaners
    If you have to hold your breath every time you answer the call of nature, you know that something is wrong with your bathroom. Not only will the odor make it uncomfortable for your workers to use the comfort room, a dirty bathroom is also the perfect place for insects and harmful bacteria to thrive. If you don’t want to see more of your employees taking sick leaves, you should make sure that your bathrooms are sparkling and odourless

  1. All-purpose
    Just like the name suggests, all-purpose cleaning chemicals are your best bet if you’re looking for a substance safe to use on all surfaces. While not as effective as the above more specialised products, these are formulated to cause minimal degradation or damage on any material they are used on. There are certain variations that focus on removing fungus and moulds, while others contain stronger chemicals to remove even the most stubborn stains and accomplish the most demanding tasks.

Hunter Industrial Supplies offers everything an establishment could need in their daily operations, including cleaning liquids for every kind surface on your site. Check out our catalogue to see all the cleaning chemicals and other tools we have in stock to keep your station clean and odorless.

If you’re looking for something else, be sure to check out our website for anything else that can help improve your industry operations and increase efficiency, or read our blog for more information on keeping your workstation clean and your employees healthy.