Aside from the entertainment value kids (and kids at heart) get from popping it, bubble wrap happens to be one of the most useful and effective packaging supplies to have on stock at your warehouse. Originally invented in 1957 by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chanvannes as a wall covering, bubble wrap has since become one of the most iconic and versatile packaging supplies available in the market.

Bubble wrap provides superior cushioning, surface protection and shock absorption when wrapped around fragile items and products. It is often used in various industries to protect furniture, electronics, and other fragile items and equipment of all shapes and sizes. Read on as we list down the common varieties of bubble wraps from Australian packaging suppliers.

Common Bubble Wrap/Bubble Bags

For all-purpose and easy-to-customise packaging, you can never go wrong with stock bubble wraps available from packaging suppliers all over Australia. Bubble bags are also readily available for small items and products. The great thing about stock bubble wraps and bags is that they’re economical and can easily be customised and slit on-site to suit your packaging requirements.

Kraft-backed Bubble Wrap

Ideal as protective covering during the transport of furniture, artwork, and other fragile and valuable items, kraft-backed bubble wrap is the perfect bubble wrap variety for removalists and furniture warehouse managers. This bubble wrap has kraft paper lining that protects items from scuffs and surface damage while still retaining its shock absorption and cushioning capabilities.

Enviro Bubble Wrap

Made from recycled plastics, environmentally friendly bubble wraps provide the same protection for your product packaging needs, while simultaneously helping to protect the environment. Since bubble wraps are some of the most widely utilised packaging materials, cutting down on waste and using up to 40% recycled materials in their creation is a great way for your business to support your environmental policy.

Antistatic Bubble Wrap

Antistatic bubble wraps are made with special static energy-dissipating materials and provide cushioning and static build-up protection for electronics, circuit boards, computer components and other sensitive items. They also come in small bubble bags for small electronic components.

Prowrap Furniture Wrap

Prowrap furniture wraps are designed to provide premium, scratch-proof and scuff-free protection for furniture. This wrap comes with a white lining that safeguards from surface damage as well as sweat and marking in timber furniture. This is highly recommended for removalists and home movers.


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