water activated tape

Every Australian warehouse should be stocked with the appropriate tools and packaging supplies for their needs. Some supplies have specific uses that, when they’re used right, can’t be matched by other supplies. Case in point: water-activated tapes.

The water-activated tape is an often overlooked packaging material that purchasing and warehouse managers should consider when packing boxes. While not as versatile as duct tapes and typical packaging tapes, the water-activated, carton-sealing tape is the best there is at working with corrugated cardboard boxes. WATs are unmatched in their sealing strength, ensuring that boxes won’t get tampered with or opened up without the recipient knowing.

The carton-sealing, water-activated tapes have several advantages when it comes to sealing up cardboard boxes:

  • Most varieties are eco-friendly as they are made with starch or collagen-based glue and kraft paper;

  • Water-activated tapes are strong because they meld into corrugated surfaces;

  • Some WATs are reinforced with fiberglass for even stronger sealing;

  • WATs could be printed on for branding purposes; and

  • WATs look better and more professional compared to other packaging tapes thanks to their natural texture and appearance.

Each tool and material has a specific purpose. Any packaging supplier will find that specialised tools or materials are often the best choice. While versatility is a good characteristic to look at when cutting down on costs, it can never replace dependability and resilience in ensuring that any product packaging becomes durable and tamper-proof. True, its use might be limited to cardboard boxes; still, it’s simply peerless at what it does.


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