Weighing Tools in Warehousing and Logistics

In many industries, especially warehousing and logistics, package weight plays an important role. This is why businesses must have access to tools that allow them to identify the weight of the packages they handle.


There are many ways weighing tools are useful for warehousing and logistics businesses:


1. They help achieve optimum packaging

Packing an item can involve a number of packaging products, from cartons and tapes to strapping and seals, and it can be costly depending on the type and quality of the products used. Information on the weight of an item helps in identifying the right material type, strength and amount of packaging needed to keep that item safe during delivery storage. This in turn ensures that you are only paying for what your item really needs.


2. They help in setting stacking limits

In warehousing, it’s common for packages, especially those with regularly-shaped items, to be stacked together to save space and accommodate more packages. Packages have limitations in terms of the amount of weight that they can carry however, and exceeding that limit can result in item damage and even injury to handlers. Indicating a stacking limit for each package can help prevent these from occurring, and it starts with finding out the weight of each package.


3. They help ensure safe and efficient handling

Trucks, semi-trailers, forklifts and other resources used for transporting items from one point to another can only accommodate a certain amount of weight. Knowing the weight of the packages allows you to maximise the capacity of each of your transporting resources. This ensures that they aren’t overloaded, and prevents breakdowns and interruptions that could slow down operations.


4. They help in the calculation of shipping billable weight

Weight plays a big role in shipping prices when sending packages, especially via sea or air. Many freighter companies charge clients by measuring the weight of each item, but there are also those that charge based on tiered rates. Knowing the amount of billable weight can help you calculate how much shipping will cost you, so planning and budgeting is easier.


5. They help ensure that packages contain the right items

A package that weighs lower than the average can indicate that it’s a different item or that the number of items in the package are lower than intended. This allows logistics workers to see which packages need to be audited, without the need to open each package. This not only saves time, but also packaging materials.


Weighing scales by Hunter Industrial Supplies

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