Washroom makeover 3

Have you ever given a thought how long it has been since you updated your restroom? Often being neglected during home or work renovations, Bathrooms speaks a lot about the organization that owns it. Apart from this, a dirty or badly-maintained washroom is much more than a nuisance and a potential health hazard. Now imagine yourself having an ultimate death bath, space where you find perfectly-heated water that relaxes your muscles in a couple of minutes as the bubbles move over your skin and envelop you from head to toe. The dimming lights end up creating a pleasant ambient that warms you from the inside out. A space where taking a deep breath and inhaling magical kind of aroma reminds you of tropical flowers and crystal beaches, allowing your body to be soothed from this truly sumptuous immersion of senses. What, refreshed already?

The bath description seems too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, ideas can be turned into reality, all you need to have is a bunch of washroom products from a reputable online store like us. Bringing latest in bathroom technology and tub accessories will definitely make some difference and you will be able to enjoy the most lavish bath of your life in your very own home. Just hang in here!

1. If you are thinking about DIY… Don’t

There is a reason why restrooms or any other home renovation project must be accomplished with the help of an expert who has the capability to offer the Wow factor- a good PRO can transform a damp, dated box into something beautiful and functional. Project-managing the job yourself especially when you have little to no experience would turn out to be more stressful, overwhelming and potentially costly in case of any mistake.

2. Do… buy products that comply with Australian standards

If you are in love with those Italian showerhead that plays Vivaldi when beneath it, just end it! Make sure you install the products that are covered by an Australian Standards. For example, we are the best washroom paper products online shop in Australia. And more importantly, buying from specialist bathroom stores or choosing our brands will also mean less headaches down the track if you need a spare part.


3. Get the basics right

Creating a satisfactory washroom experience is not a rocket science, it’s in the simple things that matter the most. For instance, instead of designer sinks or built-in music systems, make sure to come up with something that looks clean, fresh and intimidating. Apart from good aesthetics, cleanliness and hygiene are the two most important fundamentals of an excellent washroom standards. In addition to this, make sure that your space is well stocked with high end necessary products such as hand towels, soap, toilet paper, sanitizing gel and moisturizing lotion and the list goes on. 

4. Drying vital

Drying hands is equally important in terms of health and hygiene. After all, there are a few microbes that remain on hands even after washing and can be easily transferred if hands are not properly dried. There are many different hand drying methods, single-use paper towels to Rolled hand towels to an effective dispensing system, etc. Simply put, don’t just think about what you can see, try considering how to make the most out of it.

5. Encourage hygiene

Providing a pleasant washroom experience and maintaining high standards of hygiene in the washroom are vital considerations for any space. Some of the top complaints include toilet sanitation problem, bad smell, clogged toilets, which aren’t flushed well, dirty, unkempt overall appearance and so more.  

Always remember, your space reflects your personality!

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