• Reinforced Foil Tape

    Reinforced Foil Tape

    Starting at: $395.08

    • Filament reinforced for extra strength
    • High shear pressure sensitive...
  • Strapping Tape

    Strapping Tape

    Starting at: $1.60

    • Ideal for pallatising and bundling
    • High impact and tensile strength
    • Premium grade...
  • Filament Tape

    Filament Tape

    Starting at: $3.03

    • Super strong polypropylene tape
    • One way and crossweave available
    • Heavy duty adhesive for...
  • General Purposer Masking Tapes

    General Purposer Masking Tapes

    Starting at: $1.48

    • Synthetic rubber adhesive
    • Suitable for automotive, industrial and...
  • High Temp Masking Tape

    High Temp Masking Tape

    Starting at: $4.58

    This high-temperature adhesive tape has automotive-grade masking and can withstand temperatures of up to 120...

  • Bag Sealing Tapes

    Bag Sealing Tapes

    Starting at: $2.00

    These high-quality PVC bagging tapes are perfect for sealing poly bags .

    • Bagging...
  • PROTECT & PEEL-346

    PROTECT & PEEL-346

    Starting at: $33.41

    This UV-stabilised protective adhesive film is perfect for protecting windows and doors during construction. It is...

  • PVC Protection Tape

    PVC Protection Tape

    Starting at: $7.47

    This PVC protection tape is ideal for surface protection. It can be used on aluminum window frames and polished...

  • Rout N Peel

    Rout N Peel

    Starting at: $145.72

    These protection tapes are made using a unique construction of film that leaves a clean edge after routing and...

  • Mask N Peel

    Mask N Peel

    Starting at: $333.08

    • Used extensively for the protection of melemine doors and panels during painting
  • PROTECT & PEEL-345

    PROTECT & PEEL-345

    Starting at: $32.49

    • Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces including painted and powder-coated finishes, laminates and...
  • Self Adhesive Carpet Protection

    Self Adhesive Carpet Protection

    Starting at: $454.21

    • Protect n Peel ahs been extensively used by both large building contractors and owner builders...