mailing protection

Keeping your documents secure is a must when transporting and storing them, especially over long periods. Documents can contain information that is critical to the success of the business — customer delivery specifics, financial records and confidential communication etc. — which is why it’s important to ensure that they are protected.


If you want to protect your important files during storage and transport, there are a number of items that you can use depending on your needs:


1. Doculopes

Doculopes are economical solutions for your file transport and storage needs. They provide great protection for your important documents against moisture, dust, grime and abrasion. They are available in different sizes, and some come with peel and seal tapes. They can last long and are reusable.


2. Padded paper envelope

Using padded envelopes is another effective way to protect your files during storage and transport. They provide protection against folding, crumpling, abrasion and impact much better than doculopes can, although they have low moisture resistance and are more expensive. They are commonly available in A4 size.


3. Protecta bags

Protecta bags provide excellent protection against abrasion, folding, creases and impact. They are lined with plastic bubble cushioning for added protection and are also resistant to moisture and tear. They come with an easy to use self-adhesive peeling strip and are available in top and side open variants. You can get them in different sizes.


4. Courier satchels

Courier satchels can be reused over and over again, making them ideal for long-term document storage and transport. They are tear- and moisture-resistant, keeping your files safe against dirt, grime and abrasion. They also come with easy and secure plastic sealing.


5. Stock cartons

Stock cartons are ideal for transporting and storing heavy stacks of documents. They are versatile and economical and you can use them a number of times, as long as they are not exposed to moist or wet environments.


6. Postal tubes

Postal tubes are ideal for large documents such as maps, posters and blueprints. They can protect important files against crumpling, folding and creases and keep files clean. They are quite sturdy but still lightweight. You’ll have to roll your documents, however, so use this only if you’re okay with doing that.


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