no need to waste all that shrink film

Shrink films are indispensable packaging supplies that are used all over Australia for packaging food, hardware, houseware, magazines and electronics. Thanks to its properties, it’s great for warding off moisture, safeguarding products from abrasion and providing tamper-evident protection.

As with other packaging supplies, using shrink films can become expensive when they are misused or allowed to deteriorate. Get value for your money by using shrink films efficiently with these tips.

1. Buy exactly the right amount.

Be careful not to buy too much shrink film. Take note that they are sensitive to heat and lose plasticisers - substances that give them the ability to shrink - making them unsuitable for long term storage. Buying in bulk saves a lot of money but only if you know exactly how much shrink film you need for a specific amount of time.

2. Find the right kind of shrinking film.

Some shrink films are made specifically to package and preserve food products. Meanwhile, some are for heavy duty purposes and are used in packaging vehicles and large machinery during transport. Consult your packaging supplier about getting the right film for the job. In general, higher gauge/thickness in shrink films mean that they’re for heavier products and products that need stronger protection.

3. Train employees who handle the material.

Teach your employees how to handle, measure, cut and use the packaging supplies you’ll use in your business. Brief them on how important it is to get the right measurements to ensure that you won’t generate waste materials.

4. Consider other packaging materials.

Are shrink films really the only way to go with your product? Consider using other packaging materials or customising by combining shrink films with other packaging supplies to protect, store and market your product. While some combinations might not be cheaper, they could be better in providing customer satisfaction.

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