When it comes to staplers, hand staplers and heavy duty staplers aren’t your only options. Here are some of the most common types.

Staplers are among the most commonly used office implements, which is why people don’t really think too much when it comes to purchasing them. Not all staplers are made the same, though, and choosing the right stapler for the job can help reduce costs and prevent additional expenses.


To help you, here are the most commonly used types of staplers:

Standard office stapler

The standard office stapler is used for general stapling and sealing applications. This office tool is essential for keeping documents neat and organised. Because it is considered basic, it is limited in terms of the amount of pages that it can fasten together; standard hand staplers usually can only fasten up to 20 pages of documents.


Heavy duty stapler

A heavy duty stapler is a tougher version of the standard office stapler. It has more stapling and binding capabilities compared to the latter, and staples are typically thicker and larger. Unlike with standard staplers, which can normally bind up to 20 pages, heavy duty staplers can bind at least double that number, even when thicker paper is used. There are downsides to using thes,e however. Among these are the weight of the stapler and the force that is needed during applications.


Long reach stapler

A long reach stapler, as what the name suggests, is a type of stapler that has a longer frame than normal staplers. This unique quality makes it ideal for stapling paper beyond the normal range (which are within the page margins). With a long reach stapler, you can staple even the middle part of the page, making it ideal for booklets.


Rotating stapler

This unique stapler has a middle frame that can be rotated at least 90 degrees, allowing both horizontal and vertical stapling of items. Rotating staplers are ideal for fastening booklets, brochures and other types of documents with a small number of pages. Some rotating staplers also have long frames.


Plier type stapler

Plier staplers are more expensive than common stapler types, but the higher price provides more benefits. The most notable is their form factor; while standard staplers are operated by one hand against a surface, a plier type stapler can be operated with one hand and grip strength is used. Plier type staplers also have mechanisms that help prevent bent staples. With this staple wire wastage and unwanted damage to documents are avoided.


Electric stapler

Electric staplers provide the power and speed needed for fast and efficient application of staples. Machine staplers and staple guns are more expensive than standard types and require power to operate, but they can increase the number of applications in a given span of time, allowing you to accomplish more and save business time. They are prone to overheating if overused, however, which endangers their physical integrity as well as the user.


Carton top stapler

Carton top staplers are designed for applying staples on carton tops without damaging the carton, unlike with standard staplers which can damage the carton if pressure is applied. Carton top staplers are perfect for use together with or as an alternative to packaging tape.


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