e-commerce packaging

Over the last decade, constant change in consumer behavior has offered a gradual replacement of rigid formats with the help of flexible packaging. With increasing online consumer base there is unprecedented growth seen in the e-commerce sector. As a result, more and more ecommerce companies have started putting up strong efforts in winning consumer faith by various means such as Innovating customer touch points, providing seamless and rapid delivery services, regular updates on order status and tracking details, providing convenient and frustration free packs to make consumer happy and many others.

Popularly known as cartons, packaging plays a vital role in winning consumers faith. And maybe that’s the reason why companies keep using high-end packs and are also thinking to improvise the packaging by various means. Fortunate or unfortunate, there are a variety of materials available while looking for a reliable packaging product. Due to which people in e-commerce industry are facing a variety of problems while choosing and procuring right packaging for their products.

Down below I would like to mention a few packaging materials which are majorly used in the e-Commerce industry and can solve your packaging pain points

Corrugated Boxes

One of the most common and widely used packaging material for the e-commerce industry. The boxes turn out to be the best packaging solution as this material is very strong and highly durable. The strong looking carton tends to keep the product safe and secure while storing or shipping any kind of product. Corrugated boxes are available in a variety of sizes, styles and with different specifications to choose from.

Courier bags

In simple words, courier bags are nothing but a flexible looking pouch which is widely used for shipping purposes. Some of these bags have specialized features like tamper evidence, bubble, or POD jackets. However, these pouches vary from simple courier bags to the specialized one which is mainly used to fulfill specific packaging application. In fact, you will come across a few packages which feature bubble for extra protection. These air bubble pouches and bubble laminated pouches are used for breakable products at low shipping cost like Jewellery items, CDs, clothing.


Being a universal packaging material, tapes are highly used to seal carton and other materials. Tapes are mainly considered as a standard packaging material for medium and heavy-duty carton sealing. Apart from this, they are even used in strapping and bundling, normal repairs, stationery purposes.

Security envelopes

Do you aim to secure your product from counterfeiting, security envelopes are made from different types such as Paper-based, kraft based and metallic multilayer bubble envelops. Although, they look like normal envelop used to ship document in a secured manner but they are laminated from inside or incorporate some specialized feature which made your document safe by preventing unwanted tearing and tampering. It may quite interest you to know that multi-layer bubble envelop is the specialized one used to pack electronic items