As large enterprises shift to full-on automation and robotics in their production lines, it’s easy to see how analog machines are slowly being considered as relics of the past. Good for SMEs and warehouses all over the Australia, this fast-paced progression in technology has a positive effect that can lead product packaging efficiency: Low costs for packaging machines.

By investing early on in packaging machines, small and medium-sized businesses can create long-term savings and drastic operational efficiency. Yes, employees can be tasked with everything these machines can do; however, human errors, inefficiency and cost overtime should be factored in by operations or warehouse managers for packaging tasks. We came up with three must-have machines that businesses should acquire for more accurate, optimised and seamless operations.

Stretch wrapping machines

Used in securely wrapping pallets automatically or manually (for greater control and wrapping precision), stretch wrapping machines come in unique forms and layouts. When looking for stretch wrapping machines, consider the following:

  • Size and dimensions the machine can accommodate

  • Tightness and overall stability of wrapped pallets

  • Cost-per-pallet and wrapping time

  • Warranty and customer service

Shrink film machines

Shrink film machines come in various shapes and sizes: From chamber and tunnel-type machines, to vacuum sealers and more. Ideal for automated and more efficient wrapping of small items and products, the machines use polyolefin and PVC shrink films available in most Australian packaging suppliers. Look out for these features when acquiring shrink film machines:

  • Product dimension suitability

  • Operating speed and overall cost-per-item

  • Seal integrity and consistency

  • Easy operation

Strapping machines

For faster and secure strapping that optimises your packaging supplies, consider strapping machines. Ideal for high-volume strapping use, these machines typically come with tension control and can be suitable for steel and plastic strappings. Make sure that your find strapping machines that:

  • Securely, rapidly and efficiently strap pallets and items

  • Are suitable for the strapping materials used in your industry

  • Comes with long-term warranty and customer service

  • Tension control and multiple operation modes

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