first aid in the workplace

First aid is crucial to any environment, but especially the office where so many people work together. Engaged in different kinds of tasks at a time, it’s easy for a simple misstep to result in serious injury. To prepare for these kinds of occurrences, it’s essential for all workplaces to have a first-aid kit of some kind. If a clinic happens to be nearby, a first aid kit can prove to be a godsend in life-threatening crises by delaying serious consequences until more advanced medical help arrives.

Here are 3 reasons why every office should come with some form of first aid.


You never know what might happen

The sheer unpredictability of accidents alone is good reason enough for all workplaces to carry and be familiar with first aid kits - but this is even more important in workplaces that have a higher risk of injury such as warehouses and those that run heavy machinery. First aid applied to industrial accidents have been effective in cutting down otherwise fatal injuries by a healthy percentage by staving off serious health consequences until adequate medical help can be found.


Law and the letter

Since the world moved onto the industrial age and revolutionised the production process, it became law for workplaces to carry first-aid kits - not only for their employees, but any injured person that happens to be in the vicinity. Earthquakes and natural disaster don’t pick targets, and any bystanders should be equipped and ready to deal with such crises accordingly.


It does more than you think

One often-forgotten aspect of having first aid kits and responders around is the psychological effect it has on your employees. Having supplies or people around that can take care of people in the event of calamities or injury reassures your employees and makes them feel that they’re better taken care of. This is not to encourage them to be careless - rather, it’s an assurance that your company cares about their safety and well-being.

First aid is important not only for physical and financial reasons, but also for reasons related to the workplace. You can’t always have medical attention in a snap -  and more often than not, the biggest injury that can affect your employees is the lack of time. A first aid kit gives you the precious time needed before help can arrive - and everyone will be much the better off for it.


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