Inside an operating warehouse, every minute detail must be planned out to ensure smooth operation. Aside from proper training, management systems and processes, tools and implements can improve working conditions and provide the necessary support employees need when working within the facility.

Is your warehouse fully stocked for efficiency and safety? We list down 5 groups of tools and implements that all warehouse facilities need to have.

First Aid Kits

Workplace safety should be the primary concern in any warehouse operation. From heavy equipment and loads to containers with unknown contents and other potential hazards, warehouses should have some means of emergency medical treatment. For that, ensure that your facility has easy access to first aid kits to prevent serious injuries. Your first aid kits should have all the essentials in addressing common injuries, occupational hazards and medical conditions. For starters, stock up on:

  • bandages and gauze

  • compacts and compress

  • antibiotic ointment

  • antiseptic solution

  • alcohol/disinfectant

  • scissors

  • medications and common pharmaceuticals

  • anti-allergies

  • splints

  • sterile blades/needles

Trolleys, pulleys, and hand trucks for mobility

Most warehouses now have their own forklifts, vehicles and machineries to help with heavy loads and tasks. Despite this, simple tools like trolleys and hand trucks are still important for easier and safer transport, loading and management of smaller items and products.

Emergency response kits

Be prepared for emergencies. Depending on your industry or your warehouse’s nature, the unexpected could happen anytime. Prepare for emergencies that involve:

  • Fire and explosions;

  • Chemical spills;

  • Floods; and more.

In general, all facilities should have means to address emergencies such as fire, earthquakes, etc. Typically used in fire safety are implements such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers. For warehouses that store and transport chemicals, spill kits are crucial in preventing contamination, corrosion, and other forms of damage as well as slips and falls.

Industrial Scales

Weight is a very important dimension within warehouses. Aside from measuring the content of items and packages, industrial scales can provide information that can be crucial in arranging items and organizing pallets. Pallet scales are ideal scales for warehouses and manufacturing industries as it has a wide platform area.


Including a toolbox on the list might seem like cheating, but every warehouse should have an accessible and fully-stocked tool box. Hand tools can help maintain and repair equipment, measure items and address all sorts of problems. Needless to say, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, visegrips, measuring tools, pry bars, cutters and various other tools can help your employees do whatever they need to do easier and more efficiently. 


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