eye protection for workers

The industrial worksite is home to numerous eye hazards, including UV rays, fumes and small particles, which is why wearing the proper eye protection gear is a must. But not all safety glasses are created equal, and finding the right pair can be difficult if you don’t know what you need to look for.

To help you, here are three essential features to look for when it comes to eye protection for your workers:Protective lenses

Among the different components of each pair of safety glasses, the most important are the lenses. When looking for safety glasses, make sure that the lenses are resistant to:

  • Scratches - Scratches on surfaces of lenses can impede the vision of the wearer. Because of how easy it is for glasses to sustain scratches (putting the glasses in your pocket, wiping the lenses with cloth, dropping them etc.), having scratch-resistant lenses ensures that the glasses are protected throughout their use.

  • Moisture buildup - In some worksites, the buildup of moisture on lenses can’t be prevented unless they have anti-fog properties. Anti-fog lenses help keep the visibility of workers at full, allowing them to see in moist or damp environments while wearing them.

  • UV rays and glare - Aside from outdoor activities where workers are exposed to sunlight, there are a number of indoor activities that result in workers being exposed to ultraviolet rays. UV-resistant glasses protect them from these, keeping them healthy and productive while on duty.

  • Impact - This will ensure that the lenses are able to survive heavy impact, prolonging their use. Broken glasses, aside from becoming useless, can also be hazardous.

Durable frame

It’s not just the lenses of safety glasses that need to survive heavy impact. Frames should also be durable so they can withstand being dropped or being dropped on, which are not uncommon occurrences in many industrial sites. Additionally, the materials used must be resistant to heat to keep it from melting or becoming deformed when exposed to high temperatures.

When looking for durably built units, look for those with frames made of hard resin, polycarbonate plastic or trivex, as these have innate durability and heat resistance compared to other common material types like plastic and steel.

Comfortable fit his is why choosing safety glasses that you think can provide protection must also involve finding a pair that will fit the wearer comfortably.

Properly fitted safety glasses are those that are not too large, not too small and are lightweight for the wearer. The frame should rest nicely on the nose bridge and the ears, with the lenses as near to the eyes as possible.

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