Bubble Wrap for Entire House

Do you find yourself looking at dismay at the huge piles of household goods lined up to be sorted & packed? If so, it’s time to make a big move, time to relocate. Being a daunting task, relocation often makes us feel like we definitely need some kind of army to get the task done safely and within the estimated time. However, we just found you a new best friend that offers some of the most convenient ways for packing and securing your items. I am talking about Bubble Wraps!

“If only you could just wrap your entire household in a giant sheet of bubble wrap”- The thought seems too good to be true!

Believe me, buying rolls and bags of protective bubble wrap can ease your process of moving and transportation to a great extent. In addition to offering the most convenient ways to pack, the air filled materials serve to be the best possible protection for your belongings during shipment. Right from scratching and breaking to absorbing any undesirable shocks and vibrations, this material turns out to be a shield that keeps your goods safe and intact.

Why use Bubble Wraps?

Being one of the most practical packing materials available, bubble wraps provides perfect cushioning that fits any shape and can be easily secured with a packing tape. Down below I would like to mention a few reasons for choosing bubble wraps, especially while making your next big move. 

  • Safety
    Created by sealing together two sheets of plastic in such a way that plenty of air gets trapped in the middle forming a pattern of bubbles. These products are available with special kind of air retention technology which prevents bubble cell from losing air and provides extra protection while transportation and handling. The light in weight, transparent, flexible looking product also offers excellent moisture resistance, protection against abrasion, good insulation and great ease of handling. 

  • Convenience
    Bubble wraps are very easy in terms of use- all you have to do is wrap an item and seal the protective covering securely in place with packing tape. Fortunately, these wraps have the potential to snugly fit the surface of whatever object is inside, irrespective of its shape and size. This means no matter how awkwardly shaped a certain item may be, anything can be wrapped in the air-filled material. Available in a variety of forms (sheets, bags, envelopes) and sizes (large bubbles, small bubbles), you can find something that best suits your specific needs and requirements. 

  • Financially and environmentally friendly material
    Like I said before, bubble wraps offer perfect cushioning so that there is no need to opt for other packing supplies to safeguard your items. Apart from this, bubble wrap is lightweight and does not increase the overall weight of your shipment.

  • Fun
    Other than the aforementioned benefits, bubble wrap is an excellent source of entertainment. I mean bursting air bubbles, creating fun bubbly contraptions, and making eco-friendly costumes are just a few examples of various enjoyable uses of bubble wraps after you are done with your relocation.

Here comes the big question- How to pack your belongings safely?

After advantages, let’s learn how to get the most out of it when packing for your next move. What’s the correct & effective way of using these products?

1. Should the bubbles be facing in or out
I am sure you must have heard several kinds of conversational arguments on this matter in particular but do practice which includes some logic has proven the right answer, i.e. inwards. The air pockets should face the item they are intended to protect:

  • Bubbled pattern helps hold the article in place
  • Look those protruding air-filled hemispheres they are meant to provide excellent cushioning and prevent damage to the item
  • Can adapt to the exact shape of the object wrapped inside
  • The flat side is quite durable when it comes to added protection against external impact.

2. Use an appropriate type

  • Large sized wraps- The air pockets can be as big as 26mm in terms of diameter. Large bubble wrap is typically used for packing larger household items starting from furniture pieces to padding large moving boxes, the protective material easily fits keeping lots of empty space. 
  • Small sized wraps- 3/8’’ i.e. 10 mm is the most common size used across the globe. Although smaller size wraps offer less protection against shock or impact, but better protection against scratches and other superficial damage. It is generally used for electronics, glassware, and other sensitive or declared items.
  • Bubble wrap envelopes- CDs, books, small framed pictures and other flat items are best packed into envelopes padded with bubble wrap. Moreover, they being easy to seal can provide maximum protection for your precious breakables.

3. Secure it tight

When wrapping with bubble wrap, have in mind that a single layer serves just as a surface protective coating. Just make sure to use multiple layers in order to provide efficient shock and vibration isolation. For extra padding, you can also think of using crumpled paper, packing peanuts or clothing. And lastly, label it precisely.