OR-500 Turntable Pallet Wrapper

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Introducing the ORBITWRAP OR-500, a compact, economical, and portable pallet wrapping machine. Designed to save space while meeting your wrapping requirements, this turntable offers a cost-effective solution. Its efficient design minimizes waste and maximizes productivity, while its portability allows for easy maneuverability. Experience the convenience and reliability of the ORBITWRAP OR-500, the ultimate compact solution for efficient pallet wrapping.

  • Makes wrapping by hand quicker and easier, saving time and money
  • Forklift portability allows for easy placement throughout any facility
  • Equipped with guarded foot switch and speed control
  • Power: 240V single phase
  • Speed: 1-10 rpm
  • Capacity: 1500kg
  • Turntable Size: 1520mm diameter (80mm high)
  • Front fork relocation slots
  • Heavy duty foot pedal
  • Inverter for soft start and stop
  • Ramp available for pallet truck access

Working in conjunction with a manual stretch-wrap dispenser, the ORBITWRAP OR-500 is a cost effective stretch film wrapping machine. It’s the perfect solution for low to medium volume packing and shipping operations.

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