ZP9397 Battery Powered Strapping Machine

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The single-handed portable strapping tools will tension your strap and then provide a strong reliable seal on your polyester strapping without the need for metal seals. We have the latest model ZP97A - Battery Powered Automatic PET & PP Combination Strapping Tool - with the highest battery capacity in the same class of tools. The 97A is the heavy-duty model (Max tension 400Kgs) for pallets and building frames.

Features of all include:

  • Patented brushless motor that delivers higher torque output and saves battery power resulting in increase cycle numbers.
  • Lightess model in class at only 3.4kg including the battery, which reduces operator fatigue.
  • Bosch 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion rechargeable battery in 30 minutes.
  • Pre-programmed touch panel which controls the Tension & Sealing to perform even more precisely. 

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