ZPCT32A Battery Woven Composite Strapping Tool

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Introducing the ZP-CT32A, a fully mobile, cordless Composite/Woven battery strap tensioner tool powered by a rechargeable battery. Designed to solve your tensioning needs for both composite and woven strapping, covering a range of widths from 19mm up to 32mm, this tool is suitable for strapping pallets or groups of goods. With its ergonomic and user-friendly design, coupled with high tightening power, the ZP-CT32A makes cord strapping and tensioning effortless and efficient. Upgrade your strapping game with this convenient and powerful tool, streamlining your workflow and simplifying the process like never before.


  •  Single handed operation: Automatically tensions and cuts
  •  Pre-programmed touch panel: Auto, semi, and manual tension modes and tension force adjustment even if the voltage drops.
  •  Quick Reverse Button: allows for easy reversal of the windlass tensioner for quick tool removal after tensioning.
  •  Lightest on the market at 3.6 kg, including the battery.
  •  6 degree angle on the handle bar. Lessens wrist fatigue while tensioning on flat surfaces and during vertical operation.
  •  Low center of gravity reduces the overall height of the tensioner to lessen operating fatigue

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