fire safety tips for your workplace

Workplace fires can be extremely devastating. Not only can they shut your business down completely, they can also lead to loss of life and destruction of nearby property. While fires don’t really occur commonly in the workplace, they can leave you and your employees in the dust when they break out.

This is why it’s important to take all possible precautions when it comes to preventing workplace fires. This means knowing about fire prevention measures, having basic firefighting equipment on hand, and knowing what to do in case of fire.

Below are points that you need to take note of for better fire safety in your workplace.

Eliminate fire hazards

The best way to keep your office safe from fire is by eliminating all possible fire hazards. Keep flammable materials such as paper, wood, cloth and plastic away from heat sources. The same can be said for combustible liquids and substances in many industrial workplaces.

Also, make sure that the electrical sockets in your office, especially extension plugs, are not overloaded. Throw away equipment with faulty wiring, or have them fixed to eliminate the possibility of explosions. Make sure that all electrical components are unplugged when leaving the office.

Keep fire control tools accessible

Fire extinguishers are effective in eliminating small domestic fires. Always have fire extinguishers at the ready and place them in areas that are accessible. While they don’t expire, extinguishers still need to be maintained. Recharge or replace them so that they can be of use when the time comes. A fire blanket is an alternative fire control tool that is easy to use and requires zero maintenance. Just like fire extinguishers, they must be placed in easily accessible areas in your office.

Do note that these tools are only for putting out starting fires. If the fire becomes too large, sound the alarm and evacuate the area as soon as possible.

Use fire safety signage so that when a fire breaks out, it’s easy for your employees to identify where fire control tools are located. Go for fire safety signs that have high visibility and can easily grab attention.

Educate your employees

Make sure that your employees know how to use fire blankets and fire extinguishers, and that they are familiar with the possible escape routes in case of fire. Organise classes and trainings on fire safety and first aid, and have them participate in fire and evacuation drills, which you can schedule at least once a year.

What to do in case of fire

Even with all these safety precautions in place, there is still the possibility of fire breaking out in the workplace. Here’s what to do during a fire emergency:

  1. Sound the nearest fire alarm, then evacuate the premises immediately.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth to prevent inhalation of fumes. If there is smoke, crawl low while advancing along walls so you won’t get disoriented.
  3. Use the stairs and not the elevator when evacuating.
  4. Go to the designated safety area and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  5. Call the authorities and report the incident.

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